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Why the hell should I buy high-end cat food?

By John-Paul7
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My dogs would eat everything in site if I didn't guard the food after feeding the cats. So why shouldn't the cats have equal rights? It won't hurt them if they just nibble a small taste. They know what good is... and make the right choice.

OldGoat43 Level 8 Sep 1, 2018

They're just making sure it's ok for doggo.

itsmedammit Level 8 Sep 1, 2018

Okay, just to be clear, this picture was for FUN, no need to preach about how cats need cat food. I never let them actually make a meal of it, just when I open a can of dog food they are right there trying to get at it. I am an informed pet person, was in a 5-year relationship with a Veterinarian, and know what to feed them.

John-Paul Level 7 Sep 1, 2018

Lol, got a few lectures, eh? At least we know the feline population is in good hands with such police...


Dog food doesn't contain taurine, lack of which will eventually kill the cats. [petmd.com]

pixiedust Level 8 Sep 1, 2018

Dog food doesn't have the necessary vitamins and minerals that a cat needs. It could actually hurt your cat in the long run.

Captain747ex Level 7 Sep 1, 2018

I know, this pic was more for fun. I never really let them eat the dog food, and this can was a backup, my pup gets a higher-quality brand.

@John-Paul I've always thought it was interesting that dogs love cat food and cats love dog food, but if given their respective kind of food that turn their noses. Well, not all of them. My cat will eat anything.


My older cat wants whatever I am eating. The younger cat puts her toy stuffed mousie in the dry food bowl. Cats are weird.

HippieChick58 Level 9 Sep 1, 2018

Reminds me of my cat, he used to put whatever he could find laying around on the floor into his food bowl. LOL

Mine like to cover everything up. I put their dishes on a throw rug so they can pull it over the bowls. Disaster though if they pull something over the water fountain. Lol

@Booklover Mine do that too. Their good bowl is full of toys, pens, whatever else she can find. I have to clean it out every day.


LOL you are absolutely right, you have some cute kitties.

Sheannutt Level 9 Sep 1, 2018

These two are actually just roommates smile001.gif

@John-Paul best kind of Roommates anybody could have ???


Same at our house. Cats want the dogs food... dog wants tell cat food.

bigpawbullets Level 8 Sep 1, 2018

Just like kids always wanting what the other one has LOL

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