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I have a cat that hates me, can you tell. This is Mattie.

By dalefvictor7
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Spreading the fur around to keep you warm.

OldGoat43 Level 8 Sep 6, 2018

Oh, yeah, I know that look.

Captain747ex Level 7 Sep 6, 2018

I can feel the hate radiating off of her... ??

kmdskit3 Level 8 Sep 6, 2018

She looks very comfortable.???

Sheannutt Level 9 Sep 6, 2018

You're not bleeding so you cat thinks you're cool.

NoMagicCookie Level 8 Sep 6, 2018

Mattie has it all and is not sharing.

Hathacat Level 9 Sep 6, 2018

Awwww what a sweet baby!! She just wants the best seat in the house!

HippieChick58 Level 9 Sep 6, 2018

Looks like my Aiden ... pretty cat

IrishTxJudy Level 8 Sep 6, 2018
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