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I just read an article in tonights paper that I wanted to share although it certainly is not pleasant.
The article warned people against giving kittens, cats, or other pets away for free. It seems there have been groups of people in the area who watch for free animals, then use them in training dogs to fight and kill. They advised anyone who needs to get rid of pets to ask for a fair price since most of those groups do not want to pay for something that will be killed. These people really turn my stomach, but unfortuanately they do exist.

Ray13 8 Oct 1
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Just as Halloween approaches, animal shelters will not allow black cats to be adopted. Yes, people can be cruel.



BBJong Level 7 Oct 2, 2018


BBJong Level 7 Oct 2, 2018

They also sell em to labs. Yerp, never give away free animals unless you know for sure it's going to a good home.

Druvius Level 8 Oct 1, 2018

i am totally against the idea of NOT giving pets away for free. the people who will use them badly will pay the "rehoming fee" i see everywhere, because they're usually profiting from that bad use. they can afford it. on the other hand, people who would rather spend the money on vet services and food and toys for the animal can't necessarily arrod the kinds of rehoming fees i see, sometimes hundreds of dollars! quite frankly, i think people who charge those fees, saying they're to prevent wicked people from getting the pets, are just trying to pretend they're not selling the pets, which of course they really are. so only rich people deserve pets? almost two years ago i was looking for a small dog because our old dog had died earlier that year, and we wanted another. everywhere i looked, no matter what the breed, including mixed breeds, no matter what the age, people wanted at least a couple hundred bucks for "rehoming." this was true online, on craig's list, everywhere. finally i made a post myself and i said my piece and what i was looking for, and a nice lady who had purchased a mixed-breed dog, only to find out her landlord wouldn't let her keep the pup, brought me the dearest little puppy and charged me nothing. we named her ramona and she is just a sweetheart. she has a good life. i could not have paid hundreds of dollars for her -- but a profiteer COULD have, and maybe, had i not taken her in, WOULD have.


genessa Level 8 Oct 1, 2018

I understand your feeling. The best thing is for people to know the person that is getting the pet, whether it's free or not. I would never give or sell a pet to a stranger.

@Ray13 me either

@Ray13 so then what do you do if you don't have a wide circle of pet-deprived friends and you have a pet in need of a home? you have to be a good judge of character. but most people in the world are strangers. i have NO friends who want a pet, and my guy has alzheimer's, and i'm having surgery in november from which i probably will recover (no guarantees) but which is likely to find cancer, which has worse odds. if i did, what does my guy do with the pets? he knows no one. he can't take care of them alone indefinitely. it KILLS me; these are my babies. we can't take them to a shelter, not even a no-kill, so we would have to find them homes with strangers. how do we do it? i am crying as i type this. it's an impossible situation. these cats have slept in my bed and my arms for 14-16 years.


@genessa What I would do if I had to give them to strangers would be honest with them and tell them my concern for giving them to strangers. I would request to see their I.D. and make a note of their names and addresses, you could also say you'd like to keep in touch to know how your pets are doing.
. If they refuse or bulk that might be a tip-off that they would not be good people to give your pets to. I can't come up with much else. So sorry about your situation. I truly hope I have helped you.

@Ray13 well of course. but that is a far cry from recommending that anyone who wants them pay a couple hundred bucks and then consider it a rehoming fee!


@Ray13 There are no kill very diligent shelters at finding pets homes. They give them shots, neuter, take vets check up. They see if the have any problems, the vets get them well before they are released to be someone's pet. they make them fill out an application to find out if they are eligible for the pets, Many of these make home visits to check out the home before they are placed.There is a fee charged, but you know you get a totally healthy animal. They walk them and play with them to get them friendly and know a bit about their personalities. Get places.

@BettyColeman Yes, the pretty much what the Feline Sanctuary here does, that's where I got my 2 cats, Nala & Pixie.

@BettyColeman i got some of my cats at animal control, NOT no-kill, and they charge a fee. i think i saved those cats' lives by doing that. but now i haven't money even for that, and many people don't, and yet would not only benefit from having pets, but would benefit the pets by loving them, too. one does what one can. i am hoping my surgery in november doesn't leave my guy alone with the burden of the pets. he can't even take care of himself.


@genessa They take them to the vets pay all those fees.Most that the kill shelters charge is to keep them pad up and operating. All the people receive no income. They are volunteers. I will tell you like I have told a few others. A pet is like a child. The requitire vt visists, fleas collr, good food, I hve a 13 yr l Senior yorki. It coats $50.00 to get him gromeed once month. Thqt iss 2 x what it cost for my own. Bosley has arthritis in his paws. As I said pets require care. IThe vet gets me a $50.00 bottle. It lasts about 2 months. I don't have any meds tht expensive. It is not fair to get an animal for a pat and not afford to take care of it. If you cannot care for him, he will die young. I do not believe in homes getting pets thay do not have the money to vre for. Bosley has to get his claws timmed, his teeth bruched, the plaququed re moved from teeth. That is about $200.00. Some need outfits for walks in cold weather. It goes on and on. You know who geta a hair cut if needed in my house? Bosley. Mine just looks like hell. i am not telling you this to mean. i have a friend with 18 yr old cat. IKE hs diabetes and my friend has to give him 2 shots a day. I could not afford that epense. It is not faair to the animal or to the owner...

@BettyColeman understood. but not being able to afford $400 at one time is NOT the same as not being able to afford normal vet visits and food and other care. it simply doesn't. and the people charging that as a rehoming fee mostly had not taken care of any of those expenses and were not being reimbursed for them by the rehoming fee. they simply called it a rehoming fee when in fact they were just selling an animal, and they claimed it was to avoid having nasty people buy the animal, and this is what the original post and my response to it were about. we had a diabetic cat too, and he got insulin shots twice a day. we were poor then too (although not when we got the cat) but we did it anyway. we do not need to be judged for being poor and having pets. no one does.


@genessa some of those animals costs thousands to fix if the are hurt or sick.You expect the vet to take a loss? The vet's usually cut them a financial are a selfish bitch who does not care about the animals only about getting what you want. Laeave me alone or you will be blocked.

if y

@genessa I know people who have paid over a thousand to save their pet. you would not. I do not care for your attitude about animals. Some day someone will have to take the one you got if it isn't dead yet.


This is very common worldwide. It's thought that quite a lot of cats, puppies and other pets that go missing or get stolen meet the same fate.

Jnei Level 8 Oct 1, 2018

any other pets i always have, i get them marked so they can scan and find who they belong to. a wonderful way to help keep your pet.


You're right, this fucking sucks but good advice.

kmdskit3 Level 8 Oct 1, 2018

Yes. That’s a huge problem. I used to buy neglected dogs from owners tied up in their backyards. Dog fighting is huge in Baltimore and they don’t mind paying for the animals and also steal a lot of them. There’s a problem of homes being broken into and pit bulls stolen. It kills me.

Sydland Level 7 Oct 1, 2018

Forbid I ever catch someone. i have tangled with people about heat and leaving the dog out no food and water. I was always taking water and food.


This has been happening for years. Our local humane society also puts that information out from time to time. It is gross, disgusting, and inhumane. My cats have always been spayed or neutered. No baby kitties for me.

I get my animals spayed or neutered. All my family and tribe do too. My ex husband actually catches feral cats for the humane society. They fix them. He returns them to their homes.

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