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Because cats can get away with this.

By Ladydiana6
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It is amazing how fast our cats can put together a puzzle. Just amazing.

dalefvictor Level 8 Nov 21, 2018

Too many pieces left on the table to not be posed.

glennlab Level 9 Nov 19, 2018

Trying not to laugh too loud...?

kmdskit3 Level 8 Nov 19, 2018

I have a new jigsaw puzzle to put together. I haven't started it yet because I'm not sure where I can work on it without "help" from the kitties. I haven't done a jigsaw puzzle in years, and years, and years. Oy veh now that I think about it, more than 25.

HippieChick58 Level 9 Nov 18, 2018

My friend and her Mom... I would recommend a puzzle mat - which can be rolled up. lol

Now I do mine on a card board large enough for the finished puzzle, then put it in my storage room where the cats won't see it until I'm done. Don't you just hate it when you finish a puzzle and 1 piece is missing!smile003.gif

@Ray13 OMG, I felt my blood pressure rise when I read that!! That will just ruin my day, or week. Week for sure!

my cat is welome to get up on the puzzle that I am working on. He has learned to just stand or sit still. I cover the work-in-progress with a 42" x42" piece of cardboard and weight it down (the size of my puzzle table) when not working on it. He loves to get in the puzzzle boxes and never fails to sits his butt hole down on the exact place that I am working on. So when he does that, I stop to give him attention. Picking him up would be the worst thing I can do, because he will panic.


I have been through that, and not too long ago.

Ray13 Level 8 Nov 18, 2018

That’s the cat version of “helping.”

SkagwayKim Level 7 Nov 18, 2018

And we all love it.?

WayneDalton Level 7 Nov 18, 2018
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