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A Snow Leopard Cub. Magnificent or not? ?

By Sheannutt9
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Totally magnificent...

Lavergne Level 7 Jan 2, 2019

OMG. I'm in love.

GinaKay Level 7 Dec 27, 2018

Kate gets a new calender every year, donating makes this happen, worth every penny, wish I could do more for these creatures.

dalefvictor Level 8 Dec 27, 2018

Awwwww, here kittty kitty kitty

HippieChick58 Level 9 Dec 27, 2018

Looks like a stuffy! I think it’s the nose.

Hathacat Level 9 Dec 27, 2018

We never get kitties like this at our rescue.

Susieq Level 7 Dec 27, 2018

My nephew's favorite as a kid. You should have seen me searching for a stuffed animal one. Which I found. smile009.gif

RavenCT Level 9 Dec 27, 2018

one of the most beautiful creatures on earth.

glennlab Level 9 Dec 27, 2018
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