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I clean out the litter box. Five minutes later, the furbabies do a BIG job in the litter box. Sigh. Do your felines do this too?

SKH78 8 Jan 14
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They're staking claim. They don't only mark territory with urine, they do so with feces, too. (And they're sniffers are so finely tuned, they like the litter sans the ammonia smell.) I read somewhere that in multi-cat homes it can be a social thing as well. (I don't think truly self respecting cats would socialize in their own waste, but maybe I only know hoity-toity felines.) ?


Yes. My kitten watches me clean it then jumps in as soon as I finish.

Frctnal Level 7 Jan 15, 2019

They wait for a clean box, would you not do the same thing?



Rob1948 Level 7 Jan 14, 2019

I use a system of a grate over the litter. On top of the grate goes paper towel. If I'm lucky the towel catches the poo to enable dropping down the toilet. Otherwise, it is a wash time and as the poo is frequently soft these days a clean of the litter.
I hope the paper towel prolongs the life of the litter which can get quite rank in hot weather.
And yes, fresh towel goes down and six times out of ten she'll go and make another small deposit. ... Seconds invariably are sloppy.
And if she does at 4:30 am. no worries caterwaul until Dad gets up and cleans it - failure results in her urinating on the laundry tiled floor for it to soak into the grout!

FrayedBear Level 9 Jan 14, 2019

My cat doesn't necessarily do that, but her little prissy butt will sit and watch me clean it, once I'm done she'll go investigate it to make sure it's spotless if it isn't she'll meow like her life is ending until I "double check my work" (don't get me started on forgetting to clorox wipe the floor around her box) that really pisses her off ???

Capricorn Level 6 Jan 14, 2019

Well, mustn't use a dirty toilet ya know!


That's your staff DUTIES slave. ...dogs have owners cats have staffing on bended knee


They always wait for clean sifted litter. ...clean it again and you'll hear them digging to take another piss 5 minutes later after you wash your hands and sit down for your favorite show


Mine do it every damn time! I have two boxes. As soon as the first is cleaned and I've started on the second there is a cat making a deposit in the first. They don't even give me 5 minutes, maybe 5 seconds.

Also, with two boxes I notice they seem to use one for urine and one for stools. Not all the time, but one box will be about 90% stools. Are my girls weird?

@HippieChick58 Nope normal!

@RavenCT Good to know. Usually I had only one cat or two cats and one litter box. Since I got Zelda I've had two boxes as the vet recommended. For a while the litter boxes were on different floors, but that wasn't working for me. So they are in the basement laundry room which is the perfect location for me, and apparently them. I have to wonder how they decide what to do in each box, do they communicate? What criteria is used for the box on the right being primarily for stools. And yes, odd thing do take up head space from time to time.


Wait for a clean box. . . yep

Yes, they wait til the box is clean, then they REALLY fill it up. Sigh.

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