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I sat at kitchen table and tried to balance my checkbook. Zoe - the demanding one - kept playing with the pen. I politely explained to her that I was busy. She continued to paw my pen. I finally had to put her on the floor. She jumped back onto table. I put her on the floor again. This process got repeated about a dozen times. If I sit and do nothing, she leaves me alone. But if I try to read, or use a pen, she bugs me. I keep telling her she is a bad cat. She just purrs.

SKH78 8 Jan 28
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Try holding her and stroking her behind the ears or on the neck, she will eventually get tired of it and move on.


Put a box on the table , next to you , for her .

Cast1es Level 8 Jan 28, 2019

Gotta love the contrary little bittykitches.