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Beautiful Maine Coon Cat ? ( not my cat but one can wish)

Sheannutt 9 Feb 18
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Pretty kitty - but I do love my All-Americans. They're pretty too and the lack of breeding is a gift. Because purebreds can be so prone to health problems.

I admit this kitty would tempt the heck out of me if I found it at a Shelter though! lol

RavenCT Level 9 Feb 18, 2019

I love all kinds of kitties, I cannot resist them?

If I Knew a Maine-Coon was at the shelter it would not be there after about 15 minutes as that is how long it takes me to get there. We have six cats and after that we would have seven.


Beautiful, love those ears!

Me too ?


That's a gorgeous cat! I'll wish with you.

MojoDave Level 9 Feb 18, 2019

I do not know about that, how it would be in anyone's house, might be a real bad cat. Am I convincing anyone, if so if you see this cat send it to me, I will sacrifice myself to care for this terrible critter. Really, now, I have had three of these and they are a great cat to have and care for, loving, caring, soft and love to cuddle. I would have another in a nano-second.


Beautiful cat!


Love the tufts.

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