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Stone Cat by artist, archaeologist and architectural restoration expert Sehnaz Bac.

By Jnei8
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I love this, I want someone to do it in my yard. I have the rocks.

HippieChick58 Level 9 Mar 25, 2019

WOW! The face is amazing!

Cutiebeauty Level 9 Mar 25, 2019

VERY nice! Gorgeous!

MojoDave Level 9 Mar 25, 2019

WOW pretty cool!

RobertNappi2 Level 8 Mar 25, 2019

that is great. whoaa was what I said when I saw it.

glennlab Level 9 Mar 25, 2019

Wow that's quite interestingly done.

Mofferatu Level 7 Mar 25, 2019
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