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It happened again. I read the newspaper, had it spread out on the table. Zoe jumped onto the table and laid down on the paper. Cloris does not do this, only Zoe. I put her on the floor, she jumps onto the paper again.

SKH78 8 Aug 4
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Put a box with the last days paper in its bottom and see if you get a better chance to read the present days paper.


She;s interested in keeping up with the news

Susieq Level 7 Aug 5, 2019

I bought a cheap roll of recycled paper - I line a box with it... Then some catnip and another piece. Add a cat toy and it's a relocation program. 👍😁

RavenCT Level 9 Aug 5, 2019

Very wise ! Mine wanted to help me with my sewing project , by sitting on the fabric I was trying to sew , and , if I left him unattended for a few minutes , he'd pee on it . Like you , I placed a cardboard tray near where I was working and he chose to lay in that instead .


She is trying to speed up pop top time for food to get fat faster


They love paper, & most cats will take it over. Not a surprise.

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