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Have any of you ever fostered critters?? I recently (officially) started to be a foster momma, specifically for the most vulnerable little baby kitties. (I've unofficially raised various bottle-fed kittens, puppies, bunnies, squirrels, birds, etc.) I'm finding this to be a challenging experience. My town, specifically, has a very shitty attitude towards cats. When I first moved back here 4 years ago, the local shelter murder rate was 3500+ per year, just for cats. That's one cat death for every 20 citizens.....every. single. year. That's heartbreaking and disgusting. They have been working hard to become a "no-kill", with various programs like TNR and Spay/Neuter coupons. But this is a systemic issue. Conservative, religious, narrow minded thinking. Every "liberal" place I've ever lived has a completely different attitude towards animals. I'll never understand the discrepancy. I'm struggling with deciding if I'm strong enough to continue down this foster path, getting more and more involved with the system.....or if I should just protect my heart and sanity....and shield myself from the trauma. It's maddening. But anyways....Here's some pictures of the little fuzzy beings I thankfully got to experience. So cute, I can't even.... <3

Tenacious 6 Aug 13
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I am thankful for those who can foster.


Wonderful of you to foster those beautiful babies. Don't let the conservative shits get you down.

Frctnal Level 7 Aug 13, 2019

Half the nursing homes of USA have cats to calm residents


It's ok to take a break and be a keeper....Keith Olbermann is Twitter busy saving dogs @ kill facilities....there are a million veterans dying alone in wheelchairs without a Service Animal....demand Veterans Hospitals add 2 words to VA DIRECTIVE 1188: " a service animal is a dog OR CAT that works performs tasks wears a harness under the control of the handler." @CatVetCommunity my twitters @AtheistVet


Kiti will be 7 next year and she has always been a small 7 pound joy when she saved my life 04Jan'14...I did not name her ...the pregnant lady giving her away tiger stripes white paws gorgeous and they know it

@Tenacious Kiti will charm you and she appreciates admirerers....have you kept her look alike kitten for your own ? Playing with our kritters is a privilege and we are rewarded with tender affections....thank you for the photos


Fostering is a challenge. Frequent round the clock feedings, the expense of vet services, immunizations, etc. then finding homes for them.
it is not for everyone.
Thank you for trying.

Estiva Level 3 Aug 13, 2019

@Tenacious they become lifelong acrobatic 3 year old humans in our homes for decades leaping twice their height and toe walking the slim ledges....if only their vocabulary could increase and they teach us to speak what is on their minds ? My girls favorite word is : " T U N A "


If You are dealing with Republiturds then Things Will Never Change ...... When You are Fucking Stupid, You want to Stay Stupid .

GEGR Level 7 Aug 13, 2019

Yes cats and dogs

bobwjr Level 9 Aug 13, 2019

I've never personally done it because I know 100% that I'd get too attached to kittens and I'm allergic to dogs. I certainly appreciate those who do foster, though! Thank you!

Those little kitties are awfully adorable! The first two look like my Munchie.

Kynlei Level 8 Aug 13, 2019

@Tenacious Yeah, he's lucky he's cute! He's a pain in the ass! 😂


I imagine there's the folks who say "Oh they have to have at least one litter to be a good cat" (for females).

Then there's the ones who say "Well the males don't need to be neutered!" (because somehow they need a 'butch cat' despite that they're more prone to fights and getting that female cat pregnant again).

I can remember that mindset from my youth. And people disposing of unwanted kittens in ways I find barbaric to this day.
There will always be people like that. I don't know why.
I educate where I can online.
And explain how many litters one cat can produce.
And how much longer they live when neutered.

Do what you can.
And good for you helping out - but don't do your mental health in.

That kitten is gorgeous - you do good work! ❤

RavenCT Level 9 Aug 13, 2019

@Tenacious I had a worker at a no-kill shelter hug the heck out of me because I adopted an adult black cat who was having none of human contact the day I went in.

I knew I could turn him around (and did). But I guess the folks like me are few and far between. She must have been listening to me talk to my friend (I'm a total cat lady and was searching to rescue a kitty who really needed it).

I was perplexed at the time - but I'm up for a good hug. lol

Now I totally get it.

When people speak about other lives as disposable it makes me want to lose my mind. I'll never understand it.


I had to quit, I couldn't let the little buggers go. I've got several friends that got their forever home animals from when they started to foster.

glennlab Level 9 Aug 13, 2019
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