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Never a problem for Linda. They ALWAYS escort her:

bigpawbullets 9 Dec 8
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My cats just know when I'm headed there, & rush in before me.

Same with our two for Linda.
They could care less about me.

@bigpawbullets They only want in there with my husband when he's having a bath.

Maybe that's it. I'm a "Shower" guy.

@bigpawbullets Oh they want in there if we decide to shower too.


The kitten almost ALWAYS sneaks in the bathroom before I can close the door! If not I usually see a little paw under the door! Sometimes both follow me in! I love them to death, but can they leave me alone for FIVE MINUTES!? I don't mess with them when they are in the litter box!

A closed door to a cat is like throwing down the gauntlet

@IrishTxJudy Is that kinda like when you buy a cat an expensive toy, and they'd rather play with the box that it came in?

@TheGreatShadow always!! The little rotters... but we love them in spite of their silliness..


A Dog is on Guard ALL THE TIME !

GEGR Level 7 Dec 8, 2019

And great guardians they are! Sadly, our GS passed away this year.