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Never trust someone who isn't kind to animals...

snytiger6 9 Feb 2
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Yes! It has hardly ever been them and bus!

The reality is it has almost always been us over them, even when they have the upper hand!!!

YES, one who does not like animals, does not like or love life!!!


But try & get them some psychological help.

Mooolah Level 8 Feb 2, 2020

Seriously, if I had really understood my ex's antipathy towards animals I'd have run far and fast. He grew up with a dog, but he did not want to be a pet owner. We had pets, and he was marginally tolerant towards them, but definitely did not "like" them. He only liked the service they could provide him. He would walk the dog because he was a great ice breaker to meet neighbors. But he hated feeding or cleaning up after them, and didn't want them in the bed ever. My cats think I AM the bed.


Animals will never break into your house to steal your tv/wallet/computer, to kidnap/rape/murder your kids, sexually assault anyone, steal drugs........get the picture?

They steal my food.

@TheGreatShadow That is natural though.

@TheGreatShadow They can only get to what you have provided. They eat off my plate when I am not paying attention. If I am going to not pay attention then ? It is OK. I know cats can be quite dirty and all that but that is not their fault. If one wants clean cats to make the environment for them clean. As many times as we show them how to do this they do not seem to get the point.

@dalefvictor I'm saying animals don't become criminals.


If hunters don't eat their kill, they are sadists who enjoy the act of murder.

OldGoat43 Level 8 Feb 2, 2020

Absolutely, but I never trust anyone who doesn’t love cats.

I tend to agree with that. Although I have met people who like dogs over cats, who are not really bad persons, but they are usually a bit insecure.

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