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I have a short story about Gideon. Yesterday, I was cleaning out the garage, and when I finished up, it was about time to feed him. So I called him. No response. That almost never happens, so I started searching the house. Not in his chair in the living room, not on either my bed or the bed in the guest bedroom, not on the couch in the living room. Finally, after 15 minutes of searching, I opened the bathroom door. There he was. About an hour ago, I had gone in there to take a pee, and Gideon must have snuck in without me noticing him. While he was in the bathroom, he had cleverly managed to unroll the toilet paper completely. Which, of course, is why he normally isn't allowed in the bathroom by himself. The cat LOVES toilet paper, both to eat and to with. I am glad, though, that he was in the bathroom instead of being outside.

Spudgun 7 Feb 9
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One of our cats like to unroll the toilet paper. We turned the roll around, so ti woudl just spin instead of unroll. He lost interest and after a while we coudl put the toilet paper in the normal direction again.

snytiger6 Level 9 Feb 11, 2020

That happens with the little furriest. They sneak in the bathroom so fast! Especially the little one! I swear she could outrun a healthy cheetah and be as silent as a ninja! Oh and I was on vacation a few years ago. Paid a neighbor to make sure they were okay. An hour or something before I got back said he just checked on them and they were fine. They destroyed several rolls of paper towels in that time!


Outside would have been way worse. My son's cats are like that too with toilet paper, & paper towels. He has to hide both. The paper towels are over the stove in a small cabinet, & the toilet paper is in the cabinet beside the toilet, with elastics around the door handles.


Cats are unusual creatures.

Snuzz Level 4 Feb 9, 2020
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