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These are my 3. Aiden on the left is 13 yo now, this was taken 3 years ago. Calvin and Sawyer are on the right. Ginger tabby brothers that my daughter adopted together. I would say they are about 7 yo now. Actually, she brought all of them home and now that she’s married and moved out, are mine.... all mine. There is never a dull moment in the house.

IrishTxJudy 8 Feb 20
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So cute

bobwjr Level 9 Feb 20, 2020

That first photo - that face! OMG.... Good kitties ❤.

RavenCT Level 9 Feb 20, 2020

Ha!! I know. It’s like she’s not having it. Since that pic she has gotten more grey and has sort of lost her striping. She doesn’t tolerate the other two very well. She loves people, other cats not so much.


So purrtee.

Lilac-Jade Level 8 Feb 20, 2020

Thank you!!


Never a dull moment in our house either. Don't you love it?

Zster Level 8 Feb 20, 2020

Yes they keep me on my toes


Ginger tabbies are the fastest cats, their stripes make them more aerodynamic.

Druvius Level 7 Feb 20, 2020

I do believe that


Lovely gang.

Thank you!


All cute gingers..

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