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My Mom just sent me this picture and I thought you all would probably hate me if I didn't show it to you. 😅

Yep, that's baby Munchie.

My Mom had been feeding a friendly stray and her lone kitten. One day, the kitten stopped showing up. Nobody was sure what happened to him/her, but I REALLY hope that someone is loving on their slightly fat indoor cat now.

Miss Kitty, as they call her, kept coming back for food and pets, but my Mom noticed that her belly was starting to swell. She had her 5 kittens somewhere unknown on September 29th, 2018 and carried them, one by one, back to my Mom and stepdad's garage the next day. She knew they'd be safe, well fed, warm, and loved there.

There were two orange tabbies, one with socks one without; two gray-brown tabbies, one with socks and one without; and a calico. I wanted the calico but my stepdad was instantly in love with her so there was no chance. My husband didn't want one of the oranges, since we already have one, so I chose the little gray-brown girl with socks. (Mom thought Munch was a girl, but when I got him home, he mysteriously developed a little fuzzy pouch at his back end. Whoopsie! 😂😂😂)

Munchie got his name because he was quite the food hog when he was tiny. Also, the first thing he did the very first time I held him was chew on my finger. He has tested every last fiber of my patience but he loves so hard that it almost makes up for it. Almost. 😅

Kynlei 8 Mar 1
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Thanks for the story. I hope the mama got fixed after that

Susieq Level 7 Mar 2, 2020

Shit, I knew I left something out. Yes, they got her spayed. No more kittens.


Ohhhh....that face. So beautiful!

Lavergne Level 8 Mar 1, 2020


Frctnal Level 7 Mar 1, 2020

He is so cute, if he goes missing do not look in my home. A complete cuddle buddy.


Such cuties.


Here's a picture of the two that my mom kept. Charlie (Charlotte) the calico and Mugsy, Munchie's almost twin sister. The two oranges they named Bonnie and Clyde, went to a family with little girls to love on them.

Kynlei Level 8 Mar 1, 2020
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