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Quarantine Kitty

HippieChick58 9 Apr 1
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There are people who will do all sorts of goofy and weird things to their pets in the name of "grooming", but they usually have some kind of poodle or poodle mix. I feel sorry for the cat.

Spudgun Level 6 Apr 2, 2020

Lol funny

bobwjr Level 9 Apr 1, 2020

I actually watched a groomer - stuck at home - shave her cats on FB.

They normally do get shaved - but not on video? They were chill.

RavenCT Level 9 Apr 1, 2020

What's comfortable temperatures for us , is too cold for kitty , so don't remove their fur coat .

Cast1es Level 8 Apr 1, 2020

I have never had my kitties coats cut, I don't think it is attractive or good for them.

@HippieChick58 With the exception of when they are new to you and have not been groomed for a long time and have too many mats.

A lot of people will shave long haired cats in the summertime because they can overheat. It also probably helps to keep the coat from matting.

@dalefvictor I dated a guy a few years ago (one date only) that had two long haired kitties that were just covered in mats and he didn't seem to care. The cats "belonged to his daughter". The condo he lived in also REEKED of litter box. That was a deal breaker in itself. The other deal breaker was his hobby was nudism, he liked to be naked. And that was ALL he talked about.

@Kynlei I believe they are mistaken. The coat actually insulates them against the heat.


I shave my senior kitty's mats because she is no longer able to maintain her long fur. But I only clip what needs to be clipped.

@itsmedammit Idk, I don't have long haired cats. I'm just going by what I've seen online. Wrong or right, I was just saying.

@Kynlei I know. I was just putting out what the experts say.

There's something called a hygiene cut - that removes fur in certain areas for older cats who have trouble grooming. Dematting is also a necessary process.

I don't like the look of a fully shaved cat - but it doesn't seem to bother them? lol
Whatever works for cat and owner and doesn't cause harm.


Poor kitty!

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