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Meet Turdley (Sneaker). I am house sitting for my mother, and I adopted this little fart a few mons ago. He was so teeney-tiny that he could fit in the palm of your hand, and the bastard junkyard owner was going to throw him out when it was freezing. As a matter of fact I almost froze to death because of this fuck. I was 17, and my pickup blew up (302's are notorious for rod bolt failure they are only like 1/4" as apposed to the GM 350 design that is ~3/8" - just going off of memory). I went to pick up his son and was about 2 miles away from his house. I called and he WOULD NOT let his son get me. It was fucking -40 that day. The only thing that kept me going was the song Point by Slayer off of their 1998 album Diablous In Musica. I wanted to lie in the snow, and if I did so I would have been as frozen as the ground. I also go heat exhaustion when I was older helping my sister moved. She just got her fucking medical doctorate, and I was helping her move when it was not AF. She put away all the glasses so I had nothing to drink in 100+ heat.

Sorry for the rant, but I have been through more traumatic events in my life that most normal people can't handle. I've seen 3 psychiatrists and a hypnotist. Made one cry. He was whining about I was his only his second customer for the week (this was Friday at noon and the fucker was LATE - office closed - had to call his cell and he said he was at the bank!). Sorry for the rant, but it help. I don't mean to be egotistical.

Anyways, the little fart always jump on her walker and gets rides. Bastard has his own chauffeur! lol Cute little fart! I'm house sitting for her, and this cat is a trip! Any time you adopt a new fur baby they are always just so amazing in their own way! I grew up isolated on a farm for the majority of my life, and at one point had over 100 cats at the farm (only one in the house tho). So I am a self-proclaimed cat expert. I don't gamble, but I'd give Jackson Galaxy or Kitten Lady a run for their money. Cats and humans are so similar it is astounding! The ancient Egyptians worshiped them FFS! My theory is that CATS built the pyramids! Using xtian "logic" you can't disprove it! ๐Ÿ˜› Hope you enjoy!

TheGreatShadow 9 Apr 9
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Seems our cats have similar looks!
I have a gray female named Bobbysocks she will be four years old this summer. She have now lived with me almost four years, she was a feral cat.
My gray male is Babysocks he is now three years old.
He was stolen off my porch at four weeks old, the end of April 2018.
He return the first of August 2018 with hie sister who has since disappeared.
I have another cat Mister Bent she is two years old a mixed fur cat!
Saw his sister get run over and killed, so I scooped her up and adopted her, she cam front a different group of cats several miles away.
All were feral, all have adopted me, they stay in at night. Babysocks and Mister Bent like to stay outside all day, then come in at night!
Bobbysocks stays in mostly except to go outside to sun herself daily!
The all sleep through the night, do not tear up the furniture or make messes. They are all spaded and neutered.
I have spaded and neutered five other cats in my neighborhood.
I feed three to six feral cats daily, alone with raccoons, possums, and skunks.
My cats wake me up at seven every morning, I then feed them, and they go outside. Coming in and out several times a day like little children.
Cats are differently paired with humans more than most realize.
By the way they usually come when I call them by name and to come in at night!

I can understand and fully comprehend your traumas.
After living and working on three continents. Been in numerous vehicle wrecks, airplane crashes, been shot down three time, been shot and stabbed over the last fifty five years I have been alive!!!


Good looking cat, sorry about all the crap youโ€™ve been through. Glad you made it to tell the tale and wheel Sneaker around.


Cats are amazing.
Farms suck.
In Jr high we only had about two hundred rabbits.
Each had their own cage, I built the cages.
I also fed them watered them and shoveled their poop into a wheelbarrow and made piles.
So one day we have a flea outbreak.
An open 25 pound bag of malathion was out flea dip and we dipped every animal. That was some 200 rabbits, four dogs, four cats, fifty or so chickens, twelve ducks, six pheasants, and a growing herd of goats but I think we had about eight at the time.
All the animals took it well except a pekingese and two siamese cats, they didnโ€™t make it.
We used three bags of malathion.

Growing up in isolation sucks, don't it? I will never have "normal" social skills. I am as close to a ferril human more than anyone I've ever met (I'd run away from home all the time - ended up in Boys Town - abuse from my father, and I was punished).

Anywho, we had rabbits, turkeys (I don't care what Franklin said, they are dumb), chickens, cows. I even had a shetlin (sp) pony named Nadia. I think I got that from a James Bond movie. Made the rabbit hutches and all that good stuff too. I bought an acerage, and the paperwork will go through soon (I will be selling my house in the village - nosy fucking neighbors). I will do as much homesteading as possible. We live on a finite planet. If the rest of the world consumed as much as the US, we would need an estimated 3-5 Earths. We either kill or exploit the people that have these resources.

As a humanist (and ironically a misanthropist), I'm doing MY part do minimize impact. The mayor and I got into it at the bar one night. He gave me shit about my solar panels at my house (lives a stones throw away). The 35% tax credit that year was awesome. They are completely paid off, regenerated my money, only saves about $20/mo, but they have a 25 year warranty. JOKES ON ME! lol I have two wind generators to put up. They won't let me put them up in the village prolly cause of "windmill cancer". Which ironically dropped one of trumps golf properties down because it is near a wind mill. HAHAHAHA!

Happy cows come from California? I thought it was Nebraska? We are/were the I think the second producer next to Iowa. ๐Ÿ™‚

Neat to see someone else who grow up on a farm.

@TheGreatShadow Apparently our parents wanted us to grow up as serial killers. Fortunately I'm far more humane than my Dad.

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