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LINK Border Wall Threatens National Wildlife Refuge That's Been 40 Years In The Making : NPR

"Pieces of [the border wall] will go directly through the Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge [what is known among conservationists as "the String of Pearls"] because it is land already owned by the federal government ... wall will act like a barrier when it floods [because of hurricanes] in South Texas. And if that happens the wildlife that are near the river are going to drown ... [Also,] the wall blocks wildlife from getting to the river to drink. That's their main source of water."

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Lower Rio Grande Valley
National Wildlife Refuge Texas --[fws.gov]

Question: I am not for building a border wall at all, but is there any good reason why the administration cannot build the wall several miles inside the U.S. side of the border instead? Who thinks the administration plans to destroy the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Refuge forty years in the making merely in a poor attempt to save political face and appear to save money by not having to pay for the land? Maybe this example shows the essence of selfish conservative BS is also waste of natural resources.

AnonySchmoose 8 Jan 15
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Typical Fucking Asshole Republiturds .

GEGR Level 7 Jan 16, 2020

I agree with you and, of course, feel that there's no rational reason for the wall in the first place.

dan325 Level 7 Jan 15, 2020

In my view, the wall is a useless bandaid and dishonest misinformation and propaganda scheme against all the poor people of Latin America, who have been displaced by the American corporations, which set up monopolies and dictators in their countries over a hundred years ago when they began the banana republic phenomenon ... "with occasional support from the United States government, the corporations created the political, economic, and social circumstances that established banana republics in Central American countries such as Honduras and Guatemala." [en.wikipedia.org]

@AnonySchmoose Right on!



gearl Level 7 Jan 15, 2020

No wall period!!!😡


Sadly, there are many examples of this administration not giving two shits about the suffering of sentient beings.

Nunya Level 4 Jan 15, 2020

Your question is silly. The wall should NOT be built.

ToolGuy Level 8 Jan 15, 2020
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