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Trump Taps Top Donor to Lead Struggling U.S. Postal Service

Businessman Louis DeJoy, a huge donor to President Donald Trump ($360K) and the Republican National Committee ($70K), has been picked to replace current Postmaster General Megan Brennan, a Barak Obama appointee who’s held the post for the past 5 years and has been with the USPS for 34 years.

Well, if you remember back during the 2016 campaign, Trump did claim he knew “all the best people.” Of course, we now know he’d never dream of appointing any of those “best people” - but he knows them.

You see folks, it works kind of all boils down to this…“Qualifications? We don’t need no stinking qualifications!” Hey, that gives me an idea. I wonder if I buy a huge bunch of those MAGA hats, if Trump would appoint me US Ambassador to Hawaii?


johnnyrobish 7 May 7
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Just from looking at his pic I can see that he is a typical Repub smirking prick...


Corruption personified

bobwjr Level 9 May 7, 2020

And they don't even feel the need to try and hide it any more Bob! That's what's really scary about all this.

@johnnyrobish I know pisses me off