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Sorry, I see this as just more diversionary tactics and is harmful to the task at hand (dumping tRump and his enablers).

JackPedigo Level 9 July 29, 2020

You're a Centrist though. Progressives don't believe it's just a matter of getting rid of Trump. We tend to believe we deserve some actual policy changes and actual representation from our elected officials, not just a return to Obama healthcare and Clinton crime bills.

@SeaGreenEyez And we will never know unless we elect someone who is counter to tRump. Sorry, I still don't se how not voting can help anyone and can and does actually do irreparable harm. I just received my latest "Free Inquiry" magazine and there was an article on this. Unfortunately, it is too new to have articles downloaded.
BTW, I have a problem with labels. I am centrist on some subjects and progressive on other. I am conservative in that I support some limited capital punishment and I think a lot of others on this site do as well when it comes to a certain person and some of his enablers.

@JackPedigo You seem to assume Progressives aren't going to vote. That's an assumption on your part, because the polls clearly show most people, of most parties, are going to suck up the nastiness that is Biden and vote for him.

You may not like labels, but you don't post ANYTHING that remotely resembles a progressive ideology. You can call yourself or not, whatever you want. Your posts here are straight up Democratic with Republican leanings. That is what you post. That's all we know here.

Simply supporting capital punishment doesn't make you a Centrist. The fact you take it personal that some, many, of us don't like Biden and it seems to be an emotional thing as often as you attempt to vote-shame others, is just a signaler that you're a Centrist.

What progressive policies do you support? If it isn't prison reform, it isn't defunding the police, it isn't Medicare for All, it isn't free college, it isn't Universal Basic Income, it isn't ... the policies that are progressive.

There's no shame in being a Centrist but if you're a Centrist simply because of Capital Punishment? Then where do you sit on the other things? Conservative is what it appears.

@SeaGreenEyez I am not assuming anything. I am going by reports, history and conversations even here. I understand not everyone likes Biden (it should not be about like or dislike but a political agenda). I have heard many wouldn't vote for Bernie or whoever. Too many people would rather not vote than to vote for someone they don't agree with. This includes progressives, liberals, centrists and (hopefully) ultra-conservatives.

I guess I'm not alone in making assumptions as I read that I don't support things I actually do. Just because I haven't connected the policies I have said many times my feelings on national healthcare. De-funding the police is absolutely necessary and, at one time, I applauded progressives as they (we) are not afraid of tackling things as anti-Zionism. To me one cannot generalize things as progressive, liberal, centrist or even conservative. Again, one cannot stereotype people as strictly following one political movement. We are all mutts politically.


I have never cared for Nina’s in your face style of trying to get her point across. She pushes more people away from her cause’s than bringing people together.

She's not my style either, but then neither are "the squad" in their previous form. They all seem to have settled down some. As they've each branched out on their own, I'm OK with them.


Yeah not super excited about Biden but I'd swim through sewage to vote against Trump.

JazznBlues Level 8 July 28, 2020

Just a guess, but I don’t believe Nina is vying for Biden’s VP spot. I could be wrong 🤪😂🤣

Bobbyzen Level 8 July 28, 2020
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