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New Book Implies Robert Mueller Was Negligent in Trump Investigation

Andrew Weissmann, one of Robert Mueller’s top deputies in the special counsel’s investigation of the 2016 election, revealed in a new book that Robert Mueller neglected to fully investigate the President's financial ties to Russia, including the Trump bank account which sent hush payments to Stormy Daniels, an account which also contained funds deposited by a Russian oligarch.

Now, some folks are gonna claim that Robert Mueller failed to follow through on obvious leads and therefore really dropped the ball in his investigation. Personally, I disagree. Why, if you ask me, Robert Mueller didn’t drop any balls. In fact, far from it. That’s because if Robert Mueller demonstrated anything, it was simply that - he doesn’t even have any balls.

Anyway, everything else aside - all this further demonstrates how this Trump fellow is really “one evil dude.” I guess that pretty much explains why a guy in his physical condition hasn’t dropped dead yet. Satan probably fears things way down in Hell might quickly devolve into one of those “well, there goes the neighborhood” situations.


johnnyrobish 7 Sep 22
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You're so hilarious! I am really happy that you grace our group will your clever satire!!!

Krish55 Level 7 Sep 22, 2020

Thanks so much! That's very kind of you my friend.


He’s a W Bush appointee so expecting him to be anything but a corrupt water carrier for the GOP was a non starter. Thanks for letting us become a Russian satellite, asshole!