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Well I started the Facebook elimination game. "No more bullshit." Isn't that what the tRumpies like to say. The first was a grief counselor with whom i used to work. She posted one of those let's all be friends let politics slide memes. I said sure for politics but NO to moral failings. She responded with, "well i disagree, but we're still friends." Knowing she voted for Biden i left it slide, but then one of her tRumpie friend gave me a shot. I decided not to counter punch, AND, definitely not let it go. So, since she didn't admonish him, i dropped her ass. Fuck em all.

Beowulfsfriend 9 Nov 10
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My partner did a similar process on election night (fearing the worst) and went way back into everyone's posting history looking for thought crime.

Personally I don't have that problem since I quit FB a year ago. I am on Twitter but I don't consider any of the people I follow or who follow me friends in anyway. They are just publishers or consumers. If someone takes odds with my posts or comments I generally have zero problems knocking their fallacies in line. Only the most persistent psychopaths get me to block them - three so far in as many years of posting.

But yes I agree, you really shouldn't be following or friends with someone who's actions are worse than their words which you are already less than elated about.

prometheus Level 7 Nov 13, 2020

Your going to have a fun time for a while until this is sorted out and things settle down

RoyMillar Level 9 Nov 10, 2020

A friend of mine is stepping back for a week or two to get the Trumpers grieve, and then going on a blocking spree for those who can't, you know "get over it."

That seemed reasonable to me until one FB friend went on a full-on psychotic rat, bashing all Democrats (her actual spelling was DEMONRATS) and accusing us of every crackpot conspiracy the Trumpers, Q-anon, and Alex Jones ever made up. She got a polite and curt response before I took her advice to unfriend her. She then started shooting of batshit crazy PMs and unfriended became blocked. She's now requesting permission to send me a private message every day.

This fucking woman is a wackjob.

JimG Level 8 Nov 10, 2020

sounds that way


Drop them. Let relationship cool. It’s sad to lose “friends” but really? I still equate it with Germans during Nazi era. Some are just stupid people caught up in propaganda, who should know better, others consciously evil. “Good people on both sides?” I don’t buy it. I’ve left them and won’t look back...if they want to atone and apologize to me, I’ll consider.

NJSnarky Level 6 Nov 10, 2020

Seems like we can’t stay divided forever. The radical boisterous right wing can stay on the shit list, but we should be able to get along with the normal folks that just happen to be republican. Reach out with the olive branch, if they accept it graciously, all is good, if not, hit them over the head with it....

Canndue Level 8 Nov 10, 2020

There are underlying problems we need to solve. I think this video presents a pretty good summary:

Transcript link here if you prefer reading: []

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