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Aunt Jemima name change - Pearl Milling Company. No more racist images.


Beowulfsfriend 9 Feb 10
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It does seem like they could have come up with a better new name..

MsAl Level 8 Feb 11, 2021

Funny, looking back, I always thought fondly of aunt Jemima, loving matronly figure offering sweetness and joy.
The image is certainly dated, but if people are offended by it .....let her go. Time to rebrand anyway.

Canndue Level 8 Feb 11, 2021

This is a topic that has as much impact as a thirty second summer shower, i.e. no impact at all.

Alienbeing Level 7 Feb 11, 2021

Doesn't bother me one way or the other I will say that I'm happy for those who it did bother though, but on a practical note the Pearl milling company was the originator of Aunt Jemima

oldFloyd Level 8 Feb 11, 2021

Quite right, I mean it is absolutely obvious that no woman of colour named Jemima EVER had a nephew or niece, and no way could a black woman have ever been a chef capable of creating let alone marketing her own recipes!
That is just a couple of utterly racist suggestions.
And UNCLE Ben? Sounds a bit to like UNCLE Tom doesn't it, and as pointed out earlier BLACK people do not have brothers and sisters, that is just stereotyping!
Best be rid of of All these out dated images, watch out Captain Birdseye, not everyone with a white beard is a jovial old fisherman, So long Quaker oats man you grotesque religious hate monger and while you're at it ARREST Jodie foster for sexualising children for those terrible Coppertone adds she did when she was a kid!

I'm not absolutely sure but I believe you mean the Gorton fisherman I've never heard of a captain birdseye their logo is a bird.

@oldFloyd Captain Birdseye has been the face of Birdseye foods for 53 years

@LenHazell53 sorry, I stand corrected.

Well done!


Reminds me of the SNL sketch last year with Dave Chappelle where the ad agency fired Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben for being non-PC and outdated. Guess the sketch was prophetic, as comedy often is... That whole thing is similar to the Weekend Update sketch on SNL back in the 70s when they announced that the Sambo's restaurant chain was adopting an all-kosher menu and changing the name to Hymie's Jew Boy..... Ah, good times.....


I’m sure a lot of people Are happy with this change. Progress is slow, but we keep pushing.😉

This is progress?

@Alienbeing Beats the alternative.

@freeofgod The alternative was leave the name as it was. How did the name change benefit anyone?

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