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QAnon Now Focusing on Attacking Coronavirus Vaccine

With Donald Trump now pretty much out of the picture, QAnon groups realized that they are in desperate need of a new “boogieman,” and have moved their focus away from the past election and are now targeting coronavirus vaccines - depicting them as “bioweapons,” concocted by an evil cabal of Bill Gates, corrupt government officials, Hollywood celebrates and pharmaceutical companies. All this, with the diabolical goal of “depopulation, social control and altering the genetic DNA structure of our species.”

Now, some of you may ask, how could anyone possibly believe that Bill Gates could manage to put a tiny, little microchip into every single dose of the coronavirus vaccine? Well, laugh if you want, but all I know is - since getting vaccinated, I’m now showing one helluva lot more bars on my cellphone.

In fact, shortly after receiving the vaccine, I could feel that “Bill Gates chip” slowly migrating up my arm until it lodged itself somewhere deep within my brain. I hope you’ll all forgive me, but I can’t help but wish that all those DNA changes this vaccine is supposed to make, will somehow turn out to be an improvement over what I’m currently stuck with.

And, just in case you’re wondering if this “Bill Gates chip” even works, then please explain my sudden concern with issues like “global warming” and “expanding educational opportunities in 3rd world countries.” So much so, that the following day - I found myself making investments in Tesla, Curiosity Stream, and of course Microsoft.

Not long after that, I began to realize just how much celebrities like Dolly Parton are involved, as I found myself frequently humming odd lyrics to one of her famous old songs “Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vacceeeene!” Now, do you understand how insidious this vaccine threat really is?

Anyway, at this point in time and space, let’s hope all this blows over really quick, so that we as a nation can move on to addressing some even more serious issues, such as “just why the hell is the government banning Dr. Seuss and emasculating Mr. Potato Head?


johnnyrobish 7 Mar 12
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sp. "bogeyman"

Krish55 Level 7 Mar 18, 2021

They are dangerous to gullible people

bobwjr Level 9 Mar 12, 2021

I don't take stake or stock in politic-tricks. Have a holistic lifestyle design to live 13years longer from age 82 Canadain life expectancy. Where US is declining in life span from age 78 for the first time in modern history.

A vaccine is mandatory for traveling to other countries. Their attempt is to make vaccines mandatory for every part of our lives. This is my body, not Gates or the Government nor my soul, that is where I draw the line. They are so called, servants and there are more homeless in numbers than them, so they are already out voted..

Handling of Covid adds on to our relationship problems, poverty, health problems and mental madness. If these people had a soul, they wouldn't mistreat other people this way. Where they try just useing their energy with only their head from the neck up. Where the source of our problem are in our minds.

It's truthers vs Covid world order. From the over dominations vs. the people who will get sick & tired of the lack of freedom and too much abuse. When the pendulum swings the other way. Don't feeI the world is evil, just in a state of Madness by the greedy bastard.
It's comes down to choice and consequences. No vaccine wil be forced into my body. Right now, most of America agrees with me. Until our owners greed pusher uses lies with confusion to program all over again.

You lock the door..
And throw away the key...
There’s someone in my head...
But it’s not me...

You may as well put peanuts all over your bed, then get naked, then fuck the bed really hard. Because your Fucking nuts. If you think, with my intergaty, I am going to be mandated to an unproved vaccine that takes 20 years to develop.

Because most Americans opposed the Covid vaccine mandate.
What next, Covid agenda 21 haggs, aids ebola, SARS combined. The cure is pineapple pizza 🍕🍕 only thing that mainstream doctor can slip under the door.


Why? Because the caravan never arrived, Covid wasn’t a hoax and the stock market didn’t crash?

Stocks don't crush when large corporations are making record profits. It's everyone else who are living in madness

@Castlepaloma I am referring to Trump warnings and scare tactics. It has nothing to do with reality.


Sorry, Chinese hoax it is not.

It's developed more into a third wave tragedy for most, not for wealthy again

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