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AOC praises Biden. Says he has exceeded progressives' expectaions.

Let's break it down:
1.) Valid source- check.
2.) Relatively recent -check
3.) Photos , quotes, videos, sources - check


UrsiMajor 8 May 27
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bobwjr Level 10 May 27, 2021

I feel like Biden is trying to be more progressive but needs to cut the attempts at bipartisanship because it’s never happening and just ruining perfectly good bills they are just going to vote no anyway.

He should wait a while on that. Being able to cite a full year of their b.s. is great propaganda, when he can show how effective his policies are and what he HAS achieved in spite of them.


He is doing better than I expected, but with room for improvement but even that may just be a time thing. I would have preferred he had been a lot more aggressive against Israeli aggression but lets see where he goes with this.

I'm actually pretty weak on International affairs. My theory is: unless we need to stop a disease or a terrorist before it gets to us, leave it alone.

@UrsiMajor I am tired of the Middle East. Most of the time l wish we would leave there and what ever happens happens. The US And Britain fucked up after WWII putting European Jews there and it never gets any better. I am at the point of just fuck'em all. Let them figure it out or not.

@Sticks48, @UrsiMajor To follow up on what you say, call for an end to US $3.8 Billion a year to Israel. That's what makes them intransigent.

You're tired? Palestinians are tired of the Western aid that enables Israeli expansion and Apartheid. Now that is something to be tired of!

@Sticks48 Yep. Warring tribes in the Middle East. Been going on for centuries; gonna keep going on.

@MsKathleen personally I say work on achieving American energy independence and the Middle East can go fuck themselves along with reducing military spending to protect oil shipping lanes. The industrial complex might be pissed but more money for domestic issues and bringing up the USA happiness score to Scandinavian levels.


"Middle East can go fuck themselves?" You're speaking about an entire region without specifying the particular culprits. That's dangerously xenophobic and possibly racist.


It hasn't been going on for centuries. That is simply a shallow, inaccurate analysis.

It started about a century ago when your Western governments decided to atone for your Western Anti-Semitism by giving someone else's land to the victims of your ancestors.

Don't pretend that you aren't involved and are morally above it all! You continue to send aid to Israel that perpetuates the problem by making it intransigent.

How about you learn some history and apply a deeper analysis of current events to grow out of your racist stereotypes?

@Krish55 I am tired of the Middle East period. If the whole fucking are blew up tomorrow the IQ of the world would jump up several points.


Another racist comment!

What you should be tired of is your Western governments invading, carrying out regime change, and supporting Israeli Apartheid. It is this which makes the region unstable!

Our hands here and dripping with the blood of those our governments have condemned to misery with imperialism! With the blood of those victims whom you so casually and smugly condemn now!


Good original comment.

From some of the replies to you above, it is obvious that anti-Arab racism is a problem even for liberals.

Some liberal white racists feel entitled to make racist comments about the MIdeast that they would not make about a black ghetto. The Arab has become the "N-Person."

@Krish55 It is not racist at all. Be stupid with someone else, not me. That part of the world has been fighting each other for thousands of years. They are super tribal and the country borders mean very little. It never changes. Yes outside forces, especially the US, have made it worse, but if we pulled out tomorrow, which we should, the same crap will continue. Cultures change from within, not from outside forces. If it weren't for the oil the rest of the world would not give a shit what goes on there. They have to figure it out themselves just like we have to in this country. They either will or they won't just as we will or we won't. Let them kill each other if that is what they insist on, we aren't going to stop them. They will still sell their oil to the world.

@Krish55 It's the aggression towards basically imprisoned minorities by people with every military advantage that pisses me off. Twenty-eight Israel Defense Forces soldiers died over the course of 2020, the second lowest number in the country's history while about 1,500 Palestinians were killed.
So this isn't even in the same neighborhood as justice, and the Palestinians aren't allowed to move away, the Israelis are.


You are mixing up a whole bunch of stuff by painting with a broad brush. I am speaking of Israel and Palestine. It is simply inaccurate to say the Israel-Palestine conflict is thousands of years old.

One big reason we are there is not oil but the influence of the Jewish Supremacist Lobby in the US that wants the Jewish Apartheid state there. A state that was violently implanted on the native Arabs 73 years ago. Israel was founded by immigrant white European Jews, not any natives. Immigrants from the West who were escaping white anti-Semitism.

You are correct that cultures change from the inside. But they have to be free of foreign interference to do so. Western imposition of Israel, regime change, and wars have made the progress of Mideast culture impossible and actually caused its regression.

Once again, let us look at our own bloody hands....

@Krish55 The US and Britain created this mess and we can't fix it. Once we fucked it up we should have forced Israel to recognize the Palestinian autonomy and provide them with their own sovereign country. I have no idea how they can fix this or if it ever will be. My feeling is it will not end well. I always thought they should have carved out a part of Germany and let the European Jews have their own country their as reparation for what the Germans did. Putting them in the Middle East was wrong in every possible way.


Great analysis and commentary there!

A good start is for us to cut off aid to Israel to force them to negotiate seriously.

@Krish55 Exactly!

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