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Whether or not you like TYT, this story is absolutely appalling and most mainstream media outlets are either not covering it, or are, as one would expect from Fox/Sinclair, outraged that this Retired Army Lt Col had the audacity to speak of the origin of Memorial Day.

They cut his mic and Ohio officials are now calling for him to be fired. smh

(The organizers claim him explaining that African Americans held the first "Memorial Day" is not relevant to the event.). smh

This should be taught in every school in America. Preferably by the time students are Junior High age. The blatant racism is absolutely disgusting. 😣😤

Retired Army Lt Col gets mic cut while giving a Memorial Day remembrance speech in Ohio; Ohio Senators are now calling for him to be fired

SeaGreenEyez 9 June 5
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Unfortunately, the internet has allowed many who are serious apologists for whatever cause to gain a huge audience. The 'true' facts of the Civil War are finally coming to light and the southern apologists are pushing the myths of the 'Lost Cause' even more than usual. In the latest "Atlantic Monthly" was an in-depth story titled "The War on Nostalgia" '[]; One piece of the report stated "I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I like it”—I kept coming back to Gramling’s words. That comment was revealing. Many places in the South claim to be the originator of Memorial Day, and the story is at least as much a matter of interpretation as of fact. According to the historian David Blight, the first Memorial Day ceremony was held in Charleston, South Carolina, in May 1865, when Black workmen, most of them formerly enslaved, buried and commemorated fallen Union soldiers." It is true. This article was written by Clint Smith a writer for the Atlantic and a black. He attended the events depicted in the story.

JackPedigo Level 9 June 6, 2021

That's pretty much what this retired Army Lt Col was getting at. It was the freed slaves that started "Memorial Day.". And it's those same people who are completely ignored on Memorial Day.

@SeaGreenEyez Interesting how, after well over a hundred years we are finally coming to grips with the racist issue. Hopefully, this will be a tipping point. The article I attached is worth reading and it just shows the depth of southern denial.


Some white folk in this country cling hard to their fear of black Americans and the true roll they played in shaping the nation.


Yup , cuz Only White folks died in those conflicts..this is so unremarkably Rethuglican..I loathe them all..

Charlene Level 9 June 6, 2021

When History is not what it used to be, nostalgia takes on a whole new sinister meaning


Can you say, “Cancel culture,” boys and girls?

mcgeo52 Level 8 June 6, 2021

They hold great reverence for Veterans and Police in Ohio (the state created by Dept of Defense). This is evidenced by their love for 45 (who famously disrespected military greats and gold star families. Then told a mob which had just killed a cop and injured many others that he loved them).

rainmanjr Level 8 June 6, 2021

The person that cut him off stepped down and the state organization is considering closing that post.

Sticks48 Level 9 June 5, 2021

Trying to take a step towards The Truth is fraught with danger, always has been! You GO, old Woke white guy

AnneWimsey Level 9 June 5, 2021

Beau did a video on this, too...

phxbillcee Level 10 June 5, 2021

Racism is still alive and well

bobwjr Level 10 June 5, 2021

But there's no systematic or institutional racism in the USA.

Druvius Level 8 June 5, 2021
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