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Volunteers needed to create spaces for young progressives

Volunteers in Australia, England, Ghana and Canada needed.

Although the site has been advertised as a dating site, it is now clear to me that the energies are directed to discussions. This is a good sign and goes a long way in showcasing how intellectually vibrant the progressive community remains.
Interestingly, most of the discussions on the platform have been dominated by the older folks. Not to my surprise, most of the young folks whose profile I viewed lately, last visited the site several months or over a year ago.

We as progressives must play an active and conscious role in shaping the future. Without the conscious inclusion of the young folks, the progressives will miss out in shaping the future. We have to find creative ways to tap into the youthful energies needed to change the world.

I will like to work with volunteers in Australia, England, Ghana and Canada to experiment new ideas on how to increase social interactions among young progressives. By co-ordinating the efforts of volunteers in different countries, we will be able to create spaces for young progressives to mix easily. We will start with creating safe spaces for dating among progressives.

Monsignor 5 June 18
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To begin with, do NOT advertise your site as a dating site. The reason young people have not stayed here is that they came for a dating site, period. We old folks stuck around for conversation. I am not so sure those in their 20s (and maybe their 30s) even KNOW how to have social intercourse. Interactive conversation certainly hasn’t been taught in schools lately, and apparently not at home either. In my opinion, universities are the most likely place to find 20-year-olds (progressive or otherwise) who MIGHT be able to interact on an intellectual level.

MsKathleen Level 8 June 18, 2021

I think we can create a space so that the young people who come here to date can find each other for dating whilst we keep the progressive discussions ongoing. Dating is a big issue of the minds of most people especially when they want to avoid social exclusion

@Monsignor I hope that works for you.


This progressive group is one of the groups in which young people and people from other countries will feel comfortable.

Krish55 Level 8 June 18, 2021


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