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Coming to a News Outlet Near You, Like Soon (2:00pm)

BirdMan1 8 July 1
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More than one of these asshats is going to sing like the proverbial bird! And I Love the ex-wife!!!!!

AnneWimsey Level 9 July 1, 2021

Ah, I'd not thought of her. can you imagine the sheer joy she could experience?

they have to go after wiselburg's kid and trumps next and jjared ..then the pot will stir and ppl will sing


Bet he flips..😂😂😂

Charlene Level 9 July 1, 2021

He hasn't yet.

@Beowulfsfriend "It ain't over 'tilt's over."


Wake me up when the Mango Mussolini is wearing a jumpsuit that clashes with his skin tone.

MizJ Level 8 July 1, 2021

I'm hoping for the best outcome but expecting the worst.

Lorajay Level 9 July 1, 2021

About time

bobwjr Level 10 July 1, 2021

they are going so friggin slow I wanted him arrested the day after inauguration and sucking bubba for romin by now and im hoping for rico to take all assets

@whiskywoman They want to make sure he loses everything

@bobwjr me too I want them all sucking cock in prison for romin soup

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