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This is what conservative opponents of critical race theory don't want you to know


phxbillcee 9 July 25
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IMO most people don't understand CRT. But watch how the Republicans will win elections exploiting white grievance and racism by scaring voters with horror stories how CRT will brainwash their children.

nicknotes Level 8 July 25, 2021



A good article. Thanks for sharing. The exact same or similar inhumane events took place in South Africa and most parts of Africa when they were colonised. In South Africa this ugly history is now a compulsory part of the school's curriculum. ...this since the mid to late nineties and ongoing. Why hide it from future generations when it's the raw truth.

The article makes mention of slaves from Congo. King Leopold II of Belgium murdered over 10 million Congolese, men women and children, even maimed them, cut of limbs as punishment. Some those murdered numbers could've been 15 million. The biggest genocide the world doesn't talk about.

@TimeOutForMe Gee, anyone have any guesses?

@phxbillcee True...when they were just as horrific as each other's deeds!

@phxbillcee Belgium even had a zoo with Congolese kids in cages.

@TimeOutForMe All depends who is being attacked I guess

@Canndue No, it is about what color the victims are, imho.

@BirdMan1 you're definitely right about that. The reason why the world only remembers one genocide too and not the other. The one genocide was black, the other white. so you're spot on imho too 😉

@BirdMan1 be it color, nationality, sex, etc (pick your oppressed groups) we can talk about the Armenian genocide, Pol Pot, native Americans, conquistadors, inquisitions….man’s inhumanity to man knows no boundaries…

@Canndue Too damned true.


Yup.. White Slave Owners were sooooo awesome towards their chattels,which is how they viewed the humans They Owned..disgusting!

Charlene Level 9 July 25, 2021

In my younger activist days there was no such thing as CRT, we simply demanded truth be told, and revisionist historians be exposed as liars.
CRT is the bastard child of "Positive" Discrimination and like its parent needs consigning to the dustbin of historically bad ideas.
It is stupid to demand further injustice to counter past injustice, when justice is there for the taking.


They wish they could own people again , wannabe slave owners

bobwjr Level 9 July 25, 2021

Yeah, good luck making that come True..

That ugly past should not ever be repeated. Slavery continued as "they", the culprits, deprived them of an education. I always say the greatest ills of apartheid in my opinion, was to deprive the greater nation of a decent education, this deliberate cowardice to ensure continued slavery.

@TimeOutForMe I want to have Conservatives as slaves, then I would not feel too bad about treating them like shit. What goes around comes around.

@TimeOutForMe The freed sharecroppers were not much better off than the slaves. Debt is really the current slavery…

@Canndue that may have been a result of Lincoln's assassination, giving the presidency to a bigot like Johnson.

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