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Superman Dropping ‘The American Way’ From Motto Leaves Lara Trump Very Upset

Lara Trump, daughter-in-law and close adviser to former President Donald Trump, has joined the growing list of conservatives who are “deeply concerned” about how superheroes are evolving past a more traditional white, male, heterosexual identity. Much of this controversy began after DC Comics’ new Superman film had Superman’s son “Jon Kent” come out as bisexual, while removing the "American Way" from the motto "Truth, Justice, and the American Way!” Analysts say the move was likely not political, but more to help market the film internationally, rather than simply to an American audience.

Wow, now let’s see here! Storming the US Capitol, with the intention of trying to overthrow our democracy is no cause for concern, but allowing a fictional character to have a bisexual son and change his slogan just a teeny weeny bit for marketing purposes - and the world is suddenly coming to an end? Not to mention, good luck trying to find a decent phone booth for Clark Kent to change clothes these days!

Now, in all fairness, I fully understand why this comic book issue would be of such great importance to the Trump family. That’s because it’s very likely that comic books - are the only books this family has ever read. And, if comic books are now taboo, just what the hell are they supposed to put in the “Trump Library?” Why, I’m not all certain Lara or any of the Trumps can even read - and those comic books have such great big, wonderful, colorful pictures in them.

Anyway, at this point, many of you are probably asking yourselves, “Lara Trump does realize that Superman’s just a fictional character - right?” Well, possibly - but so is the “Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and the caucasian Jesus,” but that never stopped conservatives from becoming outraged when anyone would ever dare suggest these characters are anything other than fictional.

Of course, the truth is, I seriously doubt if Lara Trump’s ever even read a Superman comic, but yet she still claims to be “greatly upset” about the direction DC Comics is taking. Well, Lara - there’s no real cause for concern, because everyone in Trump World already knows, that the only "real Superman” - is Donald J. Trump!

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johnnyrobish 8 Oct 18
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OMG..NOT the Son, the Gay gene must run in Lois's family..cause the Man of "Steel" couldn't possibly have been a classic closet could he?

Charlene Level 9 Oct 18, 2021

It's so easy to bother a trump it's not fun anymore.

Lorajay Level 9 Oct 18, 2021

The Superman character was invented by a Canadian artist with the assistance of an American writer, so the American Way is a bit of a stretch. More importantly the fictional character arrives in the USA without papers and is illegally adopted by duped Americans who conspire to hide the child immigrant's true origins and obtain false documents to keep him in the US instead of sending him back where he came from. In later life this falsely documented illegal alien takes a good job away from hardworking Americans and seduces a beautiful American woman to further support his claim to reside in the USA, only then does his true identity come out.
You're damn right that Republicans should be upset, Superman represents everything that they hate, coming out as bi-sexual must just be the icing on the cake for them. LOL

SnowyOwl Level 7 Oct 18, 2021

Wake up. The world is not just America anymore. The comics sell worldwide.

DenoPenno Level 9 Oct 18, 2021

Seriously, who cares about any of it?

This is just humor - satire. You needn't care about it (lol).

@johnnyrobish wrong group


Tough snowflakes

bobwjr Level 10 Oct 18, 2021
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