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Veterinarian Warns School Board Jews Behind Deadly COVID Vaccines

An angry crowd of anti-vax protesters gave veterinarian and former teacher Melanie Rentler a huge round of applause, after she addressed the Chandler, Arizona Unified School Board, declaring herself a vaccine expert and telling school board members the coronavirus vaccine is a deadly poison that will cause genetic damage and kill our children. She then moved on to “Critical Race Theory (CRT),” claiming that by focusing on the “white race,” CRT is targeting the wrong people, adding that the race they should be focusing on, is the race who owns all the pharmaceutical companies, who actually make these deadly vaccines - that being the Jews.

Holy cow, I don’t think this country’s heard that kind of overtly racist dialogue, since Tucker Carlson’s show aired on Fox last night. Why, just who the hell does this woman think she is anyway, the Dr. Mengele of veterinarians? Now, for everyone deeply upset by this person or by this kind of talk - the good news is that she’s now only a “former” teacher - so there’s that.

Sadly, the bad news is - she’s still working as a veterinarian. A veterinarian who sounds an awful lot like someone who’d get a real kick out of killing or mutilating animals. You know, the kind of doctor Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis might want to appoint as Florida’s next surgeon general. Of course, I’m sure there are those who’ll rush to defend Dr. Rentler, pointing out that when she claims Jews are creating vaccines to poison and kill our children, she doesn’t mean that in a “bad way.”

Let’s take, for example, the woman who presided over this school board meeting. After listening to Dr. Rentler’s racist, inflammatory remarks, instead of reprimanding her by saying “these comments are inappropriate and out of line,” she simply mildly replies “Dr. Rentler, please try and limit your comments to things we can fix, things within our jurisdiction.” You know, which is basically like saying “Well, that may be all well and good, but Jews are not really in our jurisdiction.”

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johnnyrobish 8 Oct 29
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Yep, Arizona has its own special kind of crazy... we also have Chemtrail Kelli Ward & the 'esteemed' Paul Gosar, not to mention the Cyber Ninja audit!

phxbillcee Level 10 Oct 29, 2021

Yeah, I did a piece last month on Kelli Ward. I guess everywhere has its crazies, but some places really appear to excel (lol)

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