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Marjorie Taylor Greene Warns Democrats Planning Race War - Says ‘Stay Armed’

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) unleashed a virulent Sunday morning tweet-storm to her loyal followers, warning that a Democratic-led "race war" is coming soon and conservatives need to hang onto their guns and "Protect yourself with the full armor of God.”

Gee, Marjorie Taylor Greene issuing a holiday “call to arms?” Why, what a lovely, heartwarming, Thanksgiving message. Now, if I didn’t know better, I’d almost think she might be angry about something? I mean, “God, Guns, and Greene?” Sounds like the perfect Thanksgiving message, at least for those who’ve chosen to go off their Thorazine meds over the holidays.

Let’s face it folks, when you find yourself just short of advocating that people “in your very own party” should be executed for treason, simply for voting for a bill that would help pay to repair things like roads, bridges and broken down sewer systems, perhaps it’s time to consider adding a wee bit more fiber to your diet. Remember, constipation and Republican legislators - just don't mix!

Anyway, I’m confused about this order she gave to "Protect yourself with the full armor of God.” I mean, just think about what the “full armor of God” would likely have to include. Why, we’d need to have earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, hurricanes, floods, crop failures, pandemics, lightening, landslides, pestilence, and possibly even athlete’s foot. Hell, the list seems endless.

Now, I’m no theologian, but my guess is this “Full Armor of God” package ain’t gonna be cheap. So, just where the hell are Trump-loving, MAGA-minded, trailer dwellers supposed to come up with such a huge chunk of cash to pay for something like that? Can they just put it on their debit cards? And - do those natural disasters need to be purchased all at once, or can they be ordered la carte?

Not to mention, just where the hell can you even find things like this for sale anyway? I mean, who the hell is in the business of selling natural disasters, other than perhaps the fossil fuel industry? Somehow, I get the feeling this isn’t just something you can order from Amazon. Besides, even if you could, you’re certainly not gonna get Amazon Prime two-day delivery - that’s for sure.

Now, I even did a Google search, and couldn’t find any reasonably priced “Full Armor of God” packages for sale anywhere. Why, they didn’t even carry them at the Home Depot. Oh well, may as well just chalk it all up to more of those supply shortages I guess. Damn you - Joe Biden. Why, a guy like Donald Trump, would have disaster upon disaster coming our way - with no wait time at all.

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johnnyrobish 7 Nov 22
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The primo self-defense & intimidation weapon, IMO, is a shotgun, preferably a quick-reloader. (Like, flip the lever, the 2 spent shells eject, drop in 2 more, close & shoot.)
You do not need a permit for either the gun or the ammo(and therefore your name is not on a sell-able/checkable registry!)
Available today at Walmart, pretty reasonable, or Used at Cabela's or any gun shop.
You also do not need good aim to do Tremendous damage.
You do need a gun safety course because duuuuhhhh. But the likelihood of shooting yourself is slim.

AnneWimsey Level 9 Nov 22, 2021

Personally, I would not go for the double-barrel. I would go for an automatic, one shot at a time, or a pump. More than two shots and it reloads without having to open the gun. Reloading can be done while the gun is being used. I have no idea if you have used one of these guns, but the recoil is considerable. Of course, if you already have it then good. I would also get buckshot and slugs, the slugs will go through any body armor, or if it does not and you are close enough it will hurt like hell and probably break bones. I am not trying to mansplain anything here, I am being concerned as you are a friend and I would like to hear about how you saved yourself rather than got hurt.

@dalefvictor thank you for the info Dale....ex introduced me to his side-by-side.
I had learned to shoot with .22, varmint pistols, & etc as a farm kid.
Having only adults in the house for many years, we always had the double barrel upright by the bed with the ammo right there (he worked nights) and I practiced loading in the dark. He had a pump too, but loading it in the dark was asking for smashed digits.
He always used to say any "aware" intruder would run at the "click" as you closed it, anybody else gets no mercy!


I keep hoping that they apply the purity test to everyone they want to support or who support them. We all know that there are only three perfect people on the planet and so they will never have a majority.


I’ve got my 38 special ready to use if necessary. I’m a Liberal, but I’m also a realist and know I need to protect myself from the fucking loony tunes on the right!

I'm going for my carry permit here in Mass, and want to take lessons on different weapons usage..

@Charlene Good on you! I took some classes on gun safety and also learned to shoot my gun. I don’t like guns, never have, but the way this Country is losing its collective mind, I see the need to have one.

@Redheadedgammy I agree about which way we're headed..Fascism seems to be what 1/4 of the country desires..which is why I want a 50cal..I will not let these treasonous dogs destroy our Republic without a fight..

@Charlene Holy cow woman 😳 I want to be where you are when the shit hits the fan!!! 😉

@Redheadedgammy it's out of my price range unfortunately...though I suspect weapons will become widely available when the shit hits that fan...

@Charlene I hear the ammo cost about $10 a shot, of course, one does not have to worry about walls, the motor in a car, or a range of a mile or so. Personally, I would have a Barrett .416, it is made to give less kick, is automatic, one shot at a time, and is made for sniping. The rifle cost about five grand and weighs in at about thirty pounds.

If you are going to have a gun, please know how to use it quickly and safely. If you are threatened, please do not try to talk them out of anything, point the gun, make a statement if you have time, and do not fear pulling the trigger. At that point it is you or them, please make it them. Most people do not want to shoot someone else, they do not want to harm them, this is what makes for trouble, if you have a gun, remember that if you point it at someone the intent is to shoot them. If needed do so. This is not a TV show where time and reason rule, they do not and I do not want to hear about how you were harmed by some asshole.

@dalefvictor this is exactly what my instructor told me! Good advice!!!

@Redheadedgammy >38 Special, that is a revolver, so you have six shots, correct. If so do not shoot all the shots as you may need the last one. Also, you can get a quick loader which will make reloading faster. I would get several. Dirty Harry had three, I would have at least one more. Also shoot the gun so you are good at using it and do not think about what you are doing once the action starts, just point and shoot. Personally, I do not have a gun, I used to have several, never a pistol, rifles, a .22 a 300 Win Mag. Sold all of them many years ago, or my kids have them.

@dalefvictor This is the only gun I’ve ever owned. My father gave it to me in 1997. I learned to use it and clean it from a good fire arms instructor. He told me to save two bullets if I ever had to defend myself. He said the same thing as you. I haven’t been out to shoot it in a long time, but I’m going with my sons family out to their deer lease for Thanksgiving and we plan on doing some target practice. I wish you could have seen my sons face after I answered his question of “ why are you wanting to brush up your shooting skills mom?” I said I needed to know I can still hit the middle of a body if necessary to protect myself. His face went white. Then he said, “ come on mom, you’re a Liberal.” And I answered yes, 100% but Liberals aren’t the pussy’s that repubs think. We know how to shoot back! 😉 It was priceless! Unfortunately both my sons are repubs. We don’t talk politics. Just a mom reminder that I don’t care for their politics. 🤣

@Redheadedgammy My mother and brother lived in a small town in Colorado. Near a mental hospital, she had several people who were giving her grief and so she went out and bought a .38 and went to the range when the idiot was there. She loaded the gun, pointed at the target, and hit it center. There were no problems after that. We lived out in the middle of nowhere, well actually you had to make a left and go twenty miles to get to nowhere, but we had .22 rifles and learned to shoot, so did my mother. She was a good shot.

@dalefvictor I realize that pointing a weapon at anyone shows deadly intent, mycDad taught me how fire a weapon, a WWII Japanese snipers rifle.Thank you for the reminder..

@Charlene Your a bad ass. Good!

@dalefvictor lol..only when I need too..
Btw, he taught us in The Basment of our home..yes The Basement..surrounded by granite we made it out alive! 😳😂😂


That twat couldn't do anything and the government is ready for them they will shit themselves faced with this

bobwjr Level 10 Nov 22, 2021

I believe most service members in general are conservative right leaning or libertarian.

@Tejas I belong to this FB group. Very active.


@ChurchLess But they don't support violating their oath to support the constitution, I never suspended my oath, she violated hers when she came to office


She sounds a little more like Charlie Manson every day.

Deb57 Level 8 Nov 22, 2021

She would have fit in well.


Wait wasn't Donniiiieboiiiii a natural disaster? Or was it disastrous naturally?..and we should thank MTG for the suiting up with Gaawds Armour for the Democrat Race War thing. Now I can bust out My Satan Stealth Armour and do sneaky devil shit behind their lines..

Charlene Level 9 Nov 22, 2021

What a fine representative she is to the 25% minority members of her district who, in all likelihood, didn’t vote for her! 🖕

What fascinates me is how people in this country seem to be like the proverbial frog in a pot of boiling water. How can people not see what the Republican party has devolved into, having become a bunch of full-on, unapologetic and unabashed race-based provocateurs?

I wonder that every single day myself.

@johnnyrobish @Charlene As do I.

@johnnyrobish I like the pundit's description of whites 'kicking down' to maintain their status. Some racism comes parents, some from church, plenty from Fox, and just plain fear. The colorful epithets of white fragility and white grievance do seem to capture much of the motive. Overall, the society recirculates assorted narratives that stoke hate and resentment.


Covid find her... Although anything else will do. Something special would be deserved.

racocn8 Level 8 Nov 22, 2021

She is such a skank bitch.

Succinctly expressed.

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