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Sarah Palin Suggests She’d Rather Die Than Get the COVID Vaccine

During an appearance at the recent Turning Point USA conference, host Charlie Kirk asked former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin 🌈 for her opinion on vaccine mandates, and Palin responded by urging everyone to "rise up" and refuse to get vaccinated. Palin then told Charlie Kirk that "It will be over my dead body that I'll have to get a shot, I will not do it,” suggesting she would rather die than be vaccinated for COVID-19.

Now, come on Sarah! It’s just not nice to tease everyone like that. I mean, she’d rather die than get vaccinated? Well, plenty of other anti-vaxxers have said that before her, and have gotten their wish. Now, if she’s really serious and wants to “own the Libs,” perhaps she and her anti-vax pals might consider holding “Patriotic Coughing Contests.” Get the whole MAGA community involved. It should be loads of fun. Hell, if nothing else, it’ll give the MAGA thugs a much-needed break from beating up school board members.

Anyway, Sarah claims that "It will be over my dead body that I'll have to get a shot.” Well, I hate to be the one to break it to her, but by the time you’re a dead body, it’s actually too late to get a shot. Hopefully, she has lots of sure-fire MAGA COVID cures like bleach, UV light, and ivermectin on hand. That said, without realizing it, Sarah really does manage to touch upon an important point, which is the more anti-vaxxers there are, the less anti-vaxxers there are. Funny how the math works out.

Frankly, I find it quite interesting to see how Sarah Palin has somehow managed to slither back into the spotlight again. She must feel folks like Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene have been trying to upstage her, by stealing her act. Psychologists have a name for that - it’s called “Imbecile Envy.” Turns out, folks like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman were only gateway morons - leading to much more hardcore morons - like Boebert and Greene.

Now, I’m not sure if Sarah Palin is spewing this all this anti-vax garbage to simply try and stay relevant, but let’s face it - if you’re someone who actually gets your medical advice from folks like Sarah Palin - well, all I can say is “thoughts and prayers.” Interestingly enough, while Palin was busy urging everyone to resist getting vaccinated during her Turning Point USA interview, a message kept continually flashing across the screen saying “I’m the Coronavirus, and I approve this message!”

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johnnyrobish 8 Dec 20
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LOVE this one on Sarah!!😍🤣🥰🤣🤣

Thanks very much!


How do we know she has not already had it?

I'm pretty certain that she has already had it.


For the greater good, let us hope her wish is granted.

KateOahu Level 8 Dec 20, 2021

Anything I can do, and I mean pretty much anything, to spread Covid among these imbeciles, well, call me......have RV, will travel.
Oh, and "Imbecile Envy", a damn fine phrase, says it all!!!!

AnneWimsey Level 9 Dec 20, 2021



Give it time

bobwjr Level 10 Dec 20, 2021

Yup, what are the odds she's Already Vaxxed and Boostered?..I don't think the Bookies would take those odds..lololololololololol

Charlene Level 9 Dec 20, 2021

That kind of laughing sound as crazy as she is.

Sarah Palin owns herself by saying she will only get vaccinated 'over her dead ...she said she recovers from the virus and doesn't need the vaccine, so she gets a free passport.

Trump and his wife are vaccinated and telling everyone to get vaccinated. Politicains are sooo full of shit they need their dipier changed every four years. Certainly Biden will at 83 if he is re-elected from the inside and out.

Maybe I should roll around in the Omicron virus and get a free passport. It's so weak , definitely safer than the vaccine.

@Castlepaloma I'm sure we could get a collection together to pay you to infect yourself with covid. You may not die, but it would be worth the money to see.


I'm game if your not lame.
I'm sick and tired of not spending most of my waking hours of my life, not doing my sculptures. As my industry is destroyed and I did it for 45 years fulltime. How would you set it up? If you can make this happen I can make millions again and a freedom passports to come down and party with you, all is fair, if you promise not to kill me


Sarah Palin dying of covid would be an amazing Christmas present!!!

Even those I can't stand her. I would not wish death upon anyone. That is big difference between our ability for compassion.

@Castlepaloma I have compassion for the multitude of people that will be harmed by her continued existence. That's the difference between the usefulness and deservedness of our compassion.


I deeply dislike kKK, the people learn to ignore their hate and bs, so they are almost completely disappear from what they were once.
Same for Palin, to wish her to die is beyond hate. Being against anything only joins the problem. Not useful in the live and let live, peace and love of life. It lacks compassion.

@Castlepaloma That's stupid. Would you also have said live and let live as Hitler was rolling across Europe? Palin is dangerous to society at large. Her death would protect more lives than if she stays alive being the pile of shit she is.
And you really think the KKK staying alive and active (and mostly ignored) is better than them being gone? I bet all the victims of hate crimes caused by their members or their message would love to tell you what a stupid fuckin' position it is you hold. I guess being a white ass man provides you the breathing room to believe all kinds of dumb fuckin' shit. You're just as fuckin' bad as Palin, you just don't have her megaphone.


Still wouldn't kill Hitler, thats a job for a mentally ill person, it's not my business. If I were Jewish, I would first lie, I'm Jewish, then grab my family and ran away anywhere.

Sarah Palin has only killed a moose or two for her thropy. Obama got a Noble peace prize, as he has killed millions of poor people, mostly women, children and a Presidents. Where the guy should have gotten a US war pension.

So many of the KKK are so high on pot, they just bad mouths colours.

If stupidity was sentenced to death in the US they would have to kill at least 50% of the population. Where the other 25% where the serious real criminals exist. Are the ones full of shit.

Concider yourselves lucky, most people are compassion. Whites are mostly living on the Indian reservation too. And the super wealthy whites are the greatest criminals slave master ever.

@Castlepaloma So the allied powers that fought to eliminate Nazis from the world are akin to the mentally ill? You think it's a notion of the mentally ill to want to eliminate racism and fascism from our society? That says a tremendous amount about you.

I don't think I can converse with you any longer. Apparently being a covid anti-vaxxer isn't even close to your worst quality.

Can't stop violence with violence or stop killing with killing as murder is a mental illness. I've heard from plenty of war veterans that war in unjust and a hazard to your health .About 9 times out of 10, war is murder in a uniform. I can't imagine running out of ideas to kill someone. If I did kill someone it would be totally the very last thing of kill or be killed defense for me and family..

Two most important thing for Happiness is your health and what one can forget. I carry no baggage or regrets, I only regret what I don't do in the potential future. I don't regret world war two, just won't allow the same kind of people to do it again.With the Vaccines as part of their same weapons again.

@Castlepaloma That's the dumbest fuckin thing I've ever heard. You're totally fine not killing someone that's committing genocide of an entire group of people? There's that Teflon coating you get from begin the whitest motherfucker with a penis, again. Maybe if you were ever at the receiving end of something like that, or had the compassion and empathy to imagine what it would be like if you were, you wouldn't say such stupid fuckin' shit all the time.

You know a while back I felt kinda bad for being rude to you because on the surface you seem to be cordial, but you say the most awful fuckin' shit and hold the most terrible ideas in your head I just can't feel bad about it.

It's all about perspective, no body is capable of knowing the whole truth. Although, as an fine artist, been down enough rabbit holes to know what ones are based on fat lies. I am helping to protect from greatest cause of gencide and democide in the last 100 years, that is the Governments and wealthy secret society.

Even to kill a murderer for murder is hypocrisy and today they are decreasing death sentence because it also it cost too much money.

The covid worldwide covid wars eveywhere is the dumest thing I've ever heard or experienced. By far my family is most important history I study The world is my family. You can fight it, to the day you die, I will enjoy it every day til I die, not allowing enemies in and it's sooo peaceful. Don't feel bad, be optimistic instead. I'm optimistic the world will change itself to be more positive again.

Insult don't work on me, if they are true, I can adjust. If they go pass my B's detector, I ignore.

@Castlepaloma You're still a shitty person if you could see someone murdering the fuck out of millions of people for the dumb fucking reason that their mothers were Jewish and think, I probably don't know enough about this yet, I'll reserve judgment.

The rest of your post is unreadable. Don't have any clue what the fuck you're trying to say and honestly can't invest any more time to try to figure it out.

You just see and hear what you want to see and hear. Where I'm always open, most honest and fearless, until the shield gose up, and not so nice.
Just remember if you kill anyone, the DN D checks are very efficient these days. Murder will fuck you up for life. Where if it was the greedy wealthy genocide or license to kill leaders commit genocide or democide. They are called conquers or win a Noble peace prizes. I only confront battles I can win, and doing it very often. They destroy one window or door another one opens up.

@Castlepaloma Again, don't know what you're trying to say, but my life is already fucked up and I wouldn't lose a wink of fuckin' sleep by killing someone who was committing genocide.


Palin hasn't committed even murder. Good luck in finding your genocide mass murderer. it's not my kind of job or pleasure.

@Castlepaloma I disagree. People who urge their followers, (especially when those followers tend toward being elderly, immunocompromised, and rife with comorbidities) to not take a medication that is clinically proven to reduce the likelihood of death and serious illness is, to all rational intelligent people, responsible for the deaths of a lot of people.

This dog has had her day. When she speaks, I feel a spike going through my forehead. She had embarassed Trump when she was speaking out for him, that's difficult to do.. John McCain said he made the wrong choice as his vice President. She waiting for God if she should run again, nonbeliver is the fastest growing group. Palin has too many problems to grow legs to run.

Even though guns have skyrocketed in crime, murder and Suicide during covid civil wars. It's still 1/10 the death's of declare covid war Biden has partly cause in deaths this year. Personally I don't support guns for public or military. At least guns is the public only last defense against the US government Tyranny


Sarah Palin is a certifiable idiot. Anybody that believes what she says is also a certifiable idiot. Charles Darwin had a thing or two to say about "survival of those species best adapted to their surroundings". Mankind is slowly splitting into Homo sapiens and Homo irrationalis, and the sooner the later species goes extinct the better.

anglophone Level 9 Dec 20, 2021

True, stupidity is the leading cause of death. Palin maybe on the endangered species list, yet it is her choice to die. I rather have the COVID and have my freedom passports because I got 99.98 chance of survival plus all my amazing equipped remedies.
Palin is so dumb to commit suicides, she could of made a sexy teacher prostitute.


That's not fair using Sarah Palin as someone to represent a vaccines for people finding vaccines too unhealthy to put into their own bodies, which is in fact is their ultimate choice and human right to do so, by law and self evidences.
You don't want Christians forcing you to worshipping God, do you?

Dude, what the fuck, no one is forcing people to get vaccines. Mandates simply mean you can't participate fully in society if you don't participate in the protection of that society. We've had them for many diseases for many years.


I've traveled 6 continents and not ever experienced decrimation in my lifetime as being a non vaxxers.

You must be kidding or totalitarianism blind.

Countries who are mandating vaccines.

Plus Europe continent is the most vaccinated (80%} countries in the world with the most covid deaths of 7 continents.

African continent has nearly double the population of Europe and only 10% vaccinated and the lowest covid deaths in the world. I might move to Africa for freedom of choice and free speech. If I can get pass the storm trooper security.

@JeffMurray I long ago gave up trying to reason with @Castlepaloma. You will get a more satisfying conversation discussing any matter with an inebriated paramecium.


It's because the lame have too little energy or facts to back up their rebuttal from my post above. Having a naturalpath bussiness and lifestyle can't relate to substance that intoxicates; drunk to inebriated. It's my birthday and don't except your gift of inebriated paramecium. I leave that to the the toxic world of pharmaceutical saviour. Who are the leading drug cartel pushers and killers by drugs and Vaccines.

@Castlepaloma Are you that dumb that you think aggregate numbers prove your outlandish claims? You have to take so many other things into account like population density, social interaction, times of vaccinations vs times of deaths, etc. Keep saying dumb, harmful shit and people will continue to tell you what a fuckin' idiot you are. Please move to Africa, preferably somewhere without cell service or wifi so the world doesn't have to hear your brand of idiocy any more.


So, my aggregate numbers prove my outlandish claims. Mmmm..

These stats don't come from any of my Opposing doctors or scientists or disease and virus organization they have mainly been banned from free speech. They come from your own corrupted technocrats and beurocrates masters Worldometer for covid deaths. Europe has 1,488,000 million covid deaths. Africa with 226.000 covid deaths with nearly double the population. Africa population 1,387,394,233 Europe 746 million population. That means Europe is 14 times per capita greater vaccinated. And Europe is 12 time greater chance of dying of covid than Africa.
I miss my sculpture industry, my worldly social life. Travel to Africa would be great without a Russian roulette lethal injection passport.

@Castlepaloma IF you have "traveled six continents" then you have had lots & lots of vaccines, like cholera & typhoid, to be allowed in & out of those countries. It has been that way for longer than you have been living.
Yet here you are babbling on As If you are some kind of purer-than-thou Vax Virgin.


I've always said I'm a non vaxxers for covid , don't like the other vaccines by their history, yet sense my immune can fight it off. Just not the covid mandates, by the depopulation billionaire heavy interest groups.

It's why I study keenly Vaccines history and what ever gose into my body. Got an amazing immune system being a top athlete and germ practice from many places where white people don't go. If one dies it's game over. I repeatedly said taken more vaccines than probably anyone here. I often got sick from the vaccines, yet trusted the ones that were tested to market for 20 years wouldn't kill me. Covid vaccines tested on now dead animals within months of roll out. Now new variant that the Vaccines created have gone wild with triple the deaths and most westernized nations are paying with their lives.

FFS It's a comedic satire.
Palin as a public figure and ex politican is pretty much fair game.

She is soooo surreal, an easy target to politicains comic satire. No worries , nobody will allow her anywhere near those nuclear red buttons. She still hasn't improved for better maps to show the world where US is on the map.

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