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Let's just ban all the books that people don't understand.
Pretty sure every textbook, theology, philosophy and anything but picture books would be banned.
The far right wants to keep everyone ignorant and bullied into line.

glennlab 9 Feb 21
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If they really wanted everyone to be compliant, why do they not just get rid of teachers. If people cannot read then they have it all.


Remember, no comic books, or porno.

Oh, I forgot to make sure the most violent book on the planet is banned, the bible.



Charlene Level 9 Feb 21, 2022

There are lots of books the left wants banned too.

Tejas Level 7 Feb 21, 2022

name 5

@glennlab any book with the n word in it. Which would be several hundred at the least. You yourself told me in a previous post that you don't agree with the left banning certain books, so don't try to pretend now that its some benign thing.

@glennlab another funny thing is it doesn't stop at books. Cartoons movies art comics brands statues and literal history, let's not call out one sides short comings without also bringing up the hypocrisy of the other side

@Tejas I don't agree with banning any books and there are many books with the N word in them that are on the left's supposed reading list. Since I can't read your mind, and you couldn't give me any titles I have no more rebuttal.

@glennlab I've given you titles before and you just said you don't agree that said books should be banned. I would argue the things the "left" says is wrong is far more numerous. I'm hinting at "cultural appropriation". Which you could argue has nothing to do with banning things, but I'd disagree.

Name 3..

@Charlene huckleberry Finn, to kill a mockingbird, half a dozen Dr Seuss books. Those are some of the more popular ones. Too bad you can't Google it for yourself

Odd, I had no clue Huck Finn and To Kill a Mockingbird were banned, in Tennessee maybe?
As for the Doctor Seuss books, his Estate publishers decided to Stop re-issuing several of them, they Weren't banned..You were the one making claims about "The Left" wanting books banned, You need to be able to back up that claim with failed to do so..twice. I am under No Obligation to do Your fact checking..

@Charlene the Dr Seuss controversy started because parents didn't want their children reading content that was not "woke" enough for them. If I'm talking to someone else and you feel the need to put your 2 cents in. In my opinion it's your obligation to fact check things yourself, Im not going to entertain every asshole that wants my attention. I'm sure the school district probably banned said books to please the parents.

@Tejas mymymy, a bit touchy huh?..if you post on an open's no longer a private convo..did you get the "not woke" from Tucker? Or another Fux dolt, regarding the Seuss non controversy? Asking cause it sounds Exactly like a Fux bullshit quip..
Obviously you love to entertain, using Your flapping asshole..

@Charlene I may seem touchy but really it's my complete disinterest in explaining to you and others time and time again I don't watch fox news nor really any corporate media. My opinions and beliefs are mine and mine alone, I don't sit in an echo chamber of regurgitating useless information. As I've explained to you specifically multiple times, I'm not a right winger by most definitions of the word, but either you willfully wish to ignore that for your own malicious intentions or you have the brain capacity of an adolescent child. Just because someone has a different point of view from your own doesn't mean they are automatically a Trumper a fox news watcher or even right wing. Maybe now that I've drilled that into your head, hopefully in the future you won't use that argument as a crutch.

You are 1000% wrong on this, Tejas.....especially about the Dr Suess stuff

@AnneWimsey so they just stopped producing 6 of their books out of thin air? The company was getting hate for "racist and insensitive imagery" so the company stopped selling and producing those said books. So a more appropriate word would be canceled.

@Tejas you forgot the word culture..I understand it must be really difficult to mansplain at women all the time. It must be truly exhausting..why it's Almost as exhausting as Lifesplaining to some men..

@Charlene explaining to stupid people is even harder

@Tejas I suggest you practice in the mirror.
You may wind up changing your mind..

@Charlene you're probably right


When eminent physicists like the late Stephen Hawking, Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Lawrence Krauss said that philosophy is dead, they mean't it. However, the following link casts light on the role of philosophy.


ASTRALMAX Level 7 Feb 21, 2022

Philosophy teaches you to question not just the physical world, but the way that world fits together, it is a small mind that dismisses its value
from the article:
As long as scientists continue to treat philosophy as if it were a branch of the natural sciences, there will be proclamations of its death and demise. Yet, fundamental questions will continue to be thrown up as the limits of human knowledge expand, and these very unscientific questions will be answered by philosophers.

So I’m not worried.

Philosophy is as alive as it ever was and the inclination to ask fundamental questions, in any field, is as infectious as ever. That’s why philosophy is a virus.


Easier to control the masses if they are ignorant and believe in Stone Age myths. This has been the right wing plan all along.

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