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UKRAINISM - The Newest Religion

(Remember, if it walks etc. like a duck, it is a duck)

The Prophet: Zelensky

Zelensky is the pure one who must not be criticized.

So he has $1.3 billion in offshore accounts (Pandora Papers) instead of it being investing in Ukraine? We must not ask where that money came from, nor his $31 million estate in Florida. Remember, Judas also received 30 pieces of silver for cooperating with the world's superpower...

So he jailed the opposition leader and closed down three newspapers in the years before Russia's invasion? We must not mention that either. The Prophet knows best what is to be allowed and what is not to be allowed.

Remember, God and The Prophet work in strange ways...

The Chosen People: Ukrainians

Ukrainians are the Chosen People who must be revered all day.

Don't mention that many cooperated with the Nazis to murder Jews, Gypsies, and communists during WWII. Don't mention that these Nazis burnt 48 people alive in Odessa in 2014. Don't mention that it is the only country in the world with dedicated Nazi battalions. After all, the Old Testament has similar cases of justifiable genocide also

You shall show you are faithful by wearing the colors of the Chosen People.

The Devil: Putin

Putin is the Devil Incarnate.

He is the enemy of All That Is Good (The West, Zelensky, and Ukraine).

The Holy Books: CNN, MSNBC, FOX, BBC...

We must look at the holy books all day, every day.

These Scriptures have the Absolute Truth and will guide our thoughts in the right manner.

Heresy: Any Questioning

It is Heresy to question the Holy Books, the Prophet, or the Chosen People.

It is also forbidden Heresy to look at the books of the False Gods (RT, Sputnik).

Anyone who does so shall be called an Apostate and a Tool of the Devil (Putin). And he shall be accursed and cast out!

Krish55 8 Mar 21
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Russian TROLL alert!!!!!!!!

AnneWimsey Level 9 Mar 22, 2022

Ah, the heretic accusation...


I think you're overreacting. Something else is bothering you.

After centuries of oppression the Ukrainian people finally took control of their government. They have prospered. They had something that Putin is taking away.

BitFlipper Level 8 Mar 21, 2022

The coup in 2014? Carried out by the likes of our Jan 6 thugs?


EVERY country has citizens with a range of political views; that is human nature. If one wishes to label all those on the Far Right as Nazis the logic says that all nations have some Nazis.

No country is perfect. That said no sovereign nation should be attacked by another.

MizJ Level 8 Mar 21, 2022

True, but in the entire world, Ukraine is the only country with dedicated Nazi battalions!

@Krish55 And that is supposed to justify Putin the Putrid's actions? /@MizJ

@Krish55 I don't care if they paint Hitler mustaches under their noses with an eyebrow pencil while wearing Russian peasant garb assuming that they are fighting as Ukraines in defense of their country.

@anglophone My point exactly. There is no possible justification.

@MizJ After the US instigated coup of 2014, they started killing their own people - the Russian speakers of Ukraine. This has been going on for years before the invasion.

@Krish55 And your point is?

@anglophone The fundamental causes of the war are deeper than we are being led to believe.

@Krish55 They always are. That is still not justification for entering a sovereign nation with military personnel.

@Krish55 So what?

@MizJ Precisely. /@Krish55

@Krish55 And the Russian bombs are smart enough to not kill Russian speakers?! hmmm

@anglophone The main point is that US bears responsibility for the fundamental, deeper causes of the war. Here is a distinguised US PoliSci prof:

@Krish55 I am certain that the US has caused much harm in the world. However believing that that harm justifies the slaughter of civilians, hospitals, etc. is not going to happen. This is the the Twenty First century C.E. and there are diplomatic options available to any country/leader that wishes to pursue them and not act like a murderous barbarian.

He is not talking about the US wars but about in 2014 and subsequent proposal to expand NATO. it's not an either/or. There can be more than one guilty party. Putin is guilty of being the immediate cause of the war, while the US is guilty of being the fundmental cause of the war.

We who are religous skeptics should be able to embrace nuance and . We should recognize shades of gray than insist on a simple, religious black-and-white .

Please take a look at the Russell Brand video I just posted.

@Krish55 I wasn't talking about only wars that the US was involved in, the harm that the US has done goes much further than that, some intentional, some the by-product of policies, failed diplomacy, and more. I am far from naive in that regard. My point was that there is ZERO justification for intentionally bombing apartment complexes, hospitals, etc. And yes, the US is also guilty, two wrongs don't make a right.

@Krish55 How does you posting that video address my "So what?" of you? Why are you choosing that particular "Special Military Operation"?

@MizJ I agree that two wrongs don't make a right. What I'm doing is showing the full context behind the invasion and the role the US has played both in creating conflict within Ukraine and conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

@Krish55 You have failed to address any of my points which makes this conversation tedious for me. This will be my last response to you.


Is this to give aid and comfort to the Russianss?

MizJ Level 8 Mar 21, 2022

Ah, the Heresy accusation described above...

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