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LINK Senate vote blocks bill to codify abortion rights; GOP, Manchin oppose - The Washington Post

OMG 😡 All this Administration needed to do was ONE thing. It's called politicking. One thing.

One guy. One guy.

Nope. This was meant to fail. It was decided before anyone voted that they'd make it look close, but not to pass.

This was about the vote, not passing legislation. According to Schumer and Pelosi. This was meant to fail to save the party in midterms.

Fuck them. This is disgusting. They had the votes. All they had to do was tell Manchin to get in line.

They just tanked women's rights, ushered in theocracy, and in all likelihood, gave the Republicans back the Senate and very likely the White House in 2024 because they wanted to play political theater. #pathetic #unbelievable

SeaGreenEyez 9 May 11
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The way Congress works is insane. If Joe wants to be a repub he should have to quit so a democrat can be in office, not allow Joe to just change party. Of course, the repubs have to be in control of the narrative, no one else is smart enough to be able to figure out what needs to happen.
At this point both parties should be thrown out and never allowed to run again.


Manchin is a Rethuglican bitch...I knew he'd vote with them..

Charlene Level 9 May 12, 2022

whoa... I think the political theater has always been and continues to be the GOP. This vote was to show who stands where, to hopefully light a fire under Democratic voters for the mid and next term. Manchin has always been and continues to be a problem too. He's playing games in his head that have nothing to do with supporting the Democratic party at all. He's really just a Republican taking up space on the D side, but there's no cool name for it. That's no one elses' fault but his. The Right wing lunatics want us to fight amongst ourselves, and I'm sorry some are intent on doing that. It only helps to defeat us.

I heard somewhere that he will likely change his party before the next election.

That's not true. There's all sorts of ways that the senior members of each party can, do, and always have, controlled/manipulated other members.

You think it's a mystery at this late date? Take AOC for example. She got called into the Principle's office. She walked out of there VERY tempered. She was also white as a sheet. She has not acted out (against corporate Democrats) since. She's bailed on the Amazon Union Movement. She's not even endorcing Progressives anymore. She KNOWS what her role is. Pelosi made it VERY clear.

My point is. This is politics in America. This is how it's done. These laclustre Dems didn't want this to pass. And by the looks of the narrative least nic nightAng this morning, this very likely backfired.


If Joe wants to be a repub he should run as one. If he is going to run as a demo he should be one. The people should have the right to return him immediately if he is not what he says he is.

Yes! Thank you!


Fuck joe manchin... And every single republican.



Yet I heard Joe Manchin say that IF this was truly to codify Roe v Wade, he would have voted for it... I thought this is what it was. Something isn't adding up.

I was actually naive enough to hope there would be a handful of republicans that would go against their party and vote the way their constituents might want, for codifying the current rights. Haha. I sure wonder why they aren't worried they will lose their seat in the next election, since reproductive rights are so popular. Wishful thinking. Especially since many people fear this is just the tip of the iceberg for rights being taken away.

Julie808 Level 8 May 11, 2022

Early this morning Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski not stayed they wouldvote in line with their past record. Both have voted in line with Roe v Wade. But they've voted the other way too.

Just a bunch of liars.


Joe always does this. He says stuff that makes you think he wants to vote to help Democratic causes, but then he doesn't and double talks around it after the causes fail. He really is an asshole in a right wingnut 'Republican way. He just doesn't own up to it. He plays in the middle like a double agent but he really ends up killing only one side.


It's "1984"

Buddha Level 8 May 11, 2022

No, I believe it is 1884.

@dalefvictor I'd peg it even farther back but yeah, reeeelly stupid thinking.


Hopefully this will get the Democratic voters to turn out in the mid-terms. I certainly hope so.

Sticks48 Level 9 May 11, 2022

The real point is the absence of a basic parliamentary procedure: party discipline. This means you argue within the party, but then show unity in voting, unless a conscience vote is declared on very specific issues. This is how political parties get things done. This is why the US Democratic party rarely gets anything done. Parties with mavericks either get rid of them or they fail.

David1955 Level 8 May 11, 2022

Republicans want to control women's bodies. I despise them. Shame on them!

They want far more than that, once you establish one set of controls as to who governs the reproductive rights of other people, its only a hop skip and a jump to deciding who will be allowed to breed at all.
The USA already tried this back in the early 30s and 40s, with compulsory sterilisation of the mentally ill and disabled in over 30 states between 1920 and 1945.
In Delaware alone, during the peak period of sterilisations (late 1920s to late 1930s), the average rate was 18 people per hundred thousand people per year (mostly women). That is in one state, compare that to Nazi Germany where the rate in the period 1934-1945 for the whole country including Austria and the other greater German provinces including the concentration camps was 75-80 sterilizations per year per 100,000 people.
One state was compulsory sterilising it's own people at a rate equal to 25% of an entire empire.
The exact amounts of "Stock improving" sterilisations perpetrated in the USA is unknown as many of the 30+ states participating destroyed the records (and in some cases outright denied participation) of their atrocities when it was revealed that the same atrocities were being used for ethnic cleansing in Fascist Europe.

See [] University of Vermont 2012

Eugenics 101


Its all just a game to them

They will win, showing us what our politicians are, and probably start a civil war.

@dalefvictor Governments love wars, they allow for the abolition of no end of inconvenient civil rights, the imposition of massive amounts of security, the imposition of many and profligate "patriotic" taxes and end to workers rights, conscription of slave labour, massive profiteering and the convenient disappearance of campaigners, protesters and political opponents.
And once the conflict is over the slow, decades long and expensive, resumption of "normal" freedoms and ways of life requiring austerity and hardships that can all be blames on "the Enemy" for at least three generations.

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