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Arizona GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Proposes Different Tiers for US Citizenship

Kari Lake, the MAGA Republican candidate for governor of Arizona, is proposing that the US implement a two-tiered citizenship system, whereby the people who do not believe the 2020 election was stolen, should lose their status as full Americans - harkening back to the days of the 1787 “Three-Fifths Compromise.”

Gee willikers, if I’m reading this correctly, it sounds like she wants citizenship to become sort of like a “subscription service.” Now, my first thought was, “this woman is completely insane.” Which, of course, makes her the perfect person to run as a Republican. Then I remembered that I had better show some respect. After all, the way things are going, she'll be the next Governor of Arizona.

Fact is, Kari Lake is considered a hard-core MAGA sycophant, with endorsements from the likes of Michael Flynn, Paul Gosar, Mike Lindell, and Donald Trump himself. Meanwhile, a few sane citizens in Arizona are begging people to vote for anyone, as long as it isn’t Kari Lake. They don’t care if it’s Lake Erie, Veronica Lake, Rikki Lake, or even Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. Otherwise, we may as well just all “jump in the Lake.”

Of course, some of you may ask “What the hell is a ‘Kari Lake’ anyway? Well, the dictionary says “a Kari Lake contains a much greater volume of bullshit, than does a Kari Pond or Kari Creek.” Others may ask, “why does there seem to be so many crazed lunatics running for office in Arizona?” Well, not being a psychiatrist, I can’t say for sure, but my guess is that it may have something to do with “the dry hate.”

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johnnyrobish 8 June 4
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Oooohhhh,I have always admired the Hindu Caste System, and heeere we go!

AnneWimsey Level 9 June 4, 2022

I wonder why Americans keep encouraging fuckwits to become their elected representatives, one day they will have no choice but just bring in the decorators and turn the capitol and the white house in to two maxi size padded cells.


Hitler's Jewish badge comes to mind.

anglophone Level 8 June 4, 2022

If there weren't so many guns, especially AR15s in the hands of the MAGA tribe I would gladly wear the "2020 election wasn't stolen" badge aka I have a brain and don't vote for malignant narcissists badge.

Hitler stole the idea from the catholic inquisition

So called "Badge of Shame"

Yellow Stars for Jews
Pink Triangles for homosexuals
the blue stripe for the unworthy poor
The red A for prostitutes and sexual deviants
The double cross for the heretics

@LenHazell53 That's fascinating. Thank you.


Different types of citizens hey, seemed to be plenty of support for that regarding vaccinated Vs un-vaccinated.
I think both ideas are discriminatory, but at least I'm consistent.

puff Level 7 June 4, 2022

I was not in favor of differing citizenship based on vaccination status, but I do support not letting unvaxed people participate in social activities or transportation that would give them the chance to infect innocent people and endanger their health. Those who refused to vax need to respect that their choice does have its consequences and may prevent them from fully participating in some social parts of society. And if they don't like it, they can always stay home or get vaxed... This Repub candidate is about preventing people from full citizenship simply because they don't agree with her, not because they are putting themselves selfishly above the health and welfare of others. Big difference.

@TomMcGiverin Your argument has validity only if covid vaccines stopped transmission.

Medical consent, informed and freely given, is too important to give up unless absolutely necessary.
That means "Absolutely necessary" eg the last resort after all other options have been exhausted, with the medicine/ medical treatment extremely effective and safe.
A Pro-choice stance covers all medical treatments, from vaccination programs to abortions. The right to reject chemo treatment if you so desire.

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