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Corporate political donations need to be controlled or eliminated.

OldGoat43 9 July 1
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We probably wouldn't have had the disaster of the election results in 2020 if the corporations didn't donate so much to the trump campaign.

OldGoat43 Level 9 July 5, 2022

They are the main reason that both major parties are no longer responsive to what the majority of Americans want that are also in opposition to what the corporate donors oppose, because those things would cost the corporations in lower profits and higher taxes.


Absolutely spot on assessment of our current condition! “Profits extracted at the cost of life”. A true statement!!


Corporations are the new nation states
Ronald Reagan sold shit stained the soul of America to big business after Nixon had corrupted it beyond redemption and had Nancy pat him on the back for it
Put god on the money, give them someone to hate and a gun in the purse or pocket of Janet and John Q. American and they will dance and sing their way in to the slaughter house thanking the President for the privilege of becoming his breakfast sausage


I think she should concern herself with her own country considering the state it’s in.


Citizens United = legal corruption. The lack of transparency is terrifying.

MizJ Level 8 July 1, 2022
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