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Republican Sen. Ron Johnson Pushing Dismantling Social Security and Medicare

Multi-millionaire and MAGA Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, is calling for making both Social Security and Medicare “discretionary programs.” This “reform” would basically dismantle both programs, by making them vulnerable to yearly “budget fights” and eventual defunding. That would pave the way for Republicans to finally realize their half-century-old goal of eliminating two of the nation's most essential and popular social safety nets.

Gee whiz, Republicans have really been quite busy these days. First, they succeeded in relegating women to property status, then they stabbed veterans in the back, and now I guess it’s time to start targeting old people. Of course, if you’d ask Sen. Johnson and Republicans, they’d be quick to point out, “Why in the name of hell should we be forced to give Social Security and Medicare benefits to people, simply because they got old? Hell, that’s not our fault!”

OK, got it! Defund old people, by allowing Repubs to hold Social Security hostage every year! A Republican wet dream, if I’ve ever heard one! Now, you can demonize Johnson if you like, but the good senator is only looking out for his constituency - the country’s billionaires. As any Republican will tell you, too much damn tax money is being used to benefit ordinary taxpayers instead of the rich. I mean, why would wealthy capitalists want “their politicians” handing out money to folks who are either too damned old or too ill to work?

Hey, I’ve got a deal for you, Sen. Johnson. How about this? You and your Republican pals get to make Social Security and Medicare “discretionary programs,” and in turn, we citizens get to make your Congressional pay and benefits (perks) - discretionary also. That means the general public would actually get to decide your salary and benefits - every single year. Now, doesn’t that sound like fun? Still interested, Sen. Johnson?

Of course, if Republicans are successful in doing what they do best - ruthlessly vilifying the nation’s most vulnerable, just what will they do with all that money they stole from the Social Security Fund and Medicare, other than to serve it up as an “offering” to their corporate overlords? Well, if you’re a MAGA Republican, there are two options - either buy Greenland, or erect a 100-foot statue of Donald Trump with his arm stretched out - boldly directing insurrectionists toward our nation’s Capitol Building.

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johnnyrobish 8 Aug 5
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I would say this asshole has a death wish....


Can we have a discretionary Punch the Lawmaker of Your Choice Day?

MizJ Level 8 Aug 5, 2022

Too much damned tax money. Social Security is an insurance program and Johnson and his friends likely pay nothing at all into it. IF the program was gutted tomorrow they would also get nothing out of it.

DenoPenno Level 9 Aug 5, 2022

Cheeseheads have elected some pretty disgusting monsters in their time and this guy is not even one of their worst.

All the Red states do, it's what they do best.

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