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Inside Russia’s military operation---Moscow’s objectives and the West’s interest in Ukraine support

The Ukraine war is a proxy war. It's a war between Russia and the United States. {western governments--NATO---EU} It's one of those situations where the US can fight a war and not lose any of its own people. {In other words. Reflect back on the multiple times I stated how they sent nearly 8000 of our men and women to be killed in 2 wars in Afghanistan and Iraq built on lies. In which I refer to this as sacrificial murder for ruling class profits. Hold that thought. But the false narratives and changing of history being used around this war is basically the same strategic agenda Reagan used to kick the Vietnam syndrome under a program of perception management as his wars in Latin America began. []

After 9/11 the US transitioned into what is really like a full time war economy. Where we almost always have to be at war or our economy will fall into a recession. When we see all this enormous amounts of money {we're into 10's of billions now, if not over 100 billion over this 8 year period} going to Ukraine, it isn't like were writing a check and giving Ukraine free money, almost none of that money goes to Ukraine as cash, where it goes is US defense contractors. {That's actually stated with some lip stick in its own right when you consider the number of our military members that sit on the boards of these contractors companies holding stock. Our current Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is one of these people. A large part of our millionaire representatives also hold stock in these companies. Now you can properly inject that into the above thought to correlate it with our representation as both parties can find a way to seemingly agree only when it comes to warring conditions. It's where their money is. It's where their next job may be. Whether it's on a board or as their lobbyist. A number of them float from the corporate scene to become members of presidential administrations and back when they fulfilled the corporate need inclusion for further security.} John Kiriakou---formerly an analyst and case officer for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), senior investigator for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, counterterrorism.

To finish that thought. We are currently witnessing the ideology of the likes of Marx and many other social analyst who warn us of when fascist economies fail their only resort is turning to war as a last ditch effort to survive. We are witnessing a repeat of the great depression that lead to WWll. Which I have outlined on occasions as having also been a manipulated manufacturing of Nazi Germany. Today Ukraine is being used as their tool. Which is why the history of WWll had to be narratively controlled and facing erasure today. Which is bad enough being many don't really know the part Ukraine fascism played in WWll and how important of a role the USSR was in winning that war. The USSR took the brunt of that war and still could arguably be the primary conqueror of it. I'm one to argue they are being they faced more divisions of Nazi's than the US and England many times over. And the western governments don't want us to recognize this because the end result of that war contradicts every claim they make today against Russia.

Quick side note. China is not the Japan of the 20th century. They're much more! Much more! Might wise and number wise. Taiwan is being used just as Ukraine is. They're like a turd in the toilet, easy to flush them away if they have too. Do you really want to send your families into that? Our Navy has had it overwhelmingly easy sitting off shores and firing missiles into innocent civilians murdering them in the 100s of thousands without counter attacks. Air force also. Send them over there and it's going to be a completely different theater of war. Send a lot of body bags and flags! Iraq was micro version of what China would be.

In regards to Russia, we basically have fascist children flirting with a region that knows what the NATO agendas is. They have a long history of dealing with fascist and they view them as the evil of the planet. And they correctly view western governments as the fascist orchestrating these wars. This region expands outside of just Russia having been part of the USSR. They've seen what they've done to their neighbors that have succumbed to their manipulation. If you watched the documentaries on RTD with the Chechen fighters helping Russia in the Donbass regions you get a clear picture of just how they feel about what NATO did to their country and what lengths they'll go to keep their children from having to go through that again. It will be like a child walking into a hungry lion's lair. Armies have been attempting to conquer the USSR and Russia for centuries. I'll just leave that right there being those outcomes are history that can't be changed.


However, military aid provided by the West won’t turn the tide in the Ukrainian conflict. It only protracts it, resulting in more unnecessary deaths among civilians and the military. Experts in the documentary explain why the ongoing fighting is a proxy war between Russia and the US - and why it’s a boon for the American defence industry. ‘It’s one of these situations where the US can take part in a conflict without losing its people’.

William_Mary 8 Aug 13
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Good analysis!

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