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Seems a member this group here blocked me so I can't view her post. Bit sad for a progressive and socialist (inclusive of all) group so adiós all. See you around the other traps.

powder 8 Nov 18
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Why quit a whole group over one member?

phxbillcee Level 9 Nov 19, 2018

True. Slept on it, rejoining

@powder Good stuff!


The shutters are coming down on discussion.

brentan Level 8 Nov 19, 2018

On some discussions they need to shut down Brentan. There is no point in giving oxygen to 'free speech' warriors, racists, fascists etc. After all the thing they demand is freedom to post their views everywhere, to 'debate' everyone, to appear on every platform. But its utterly disingenuous. There is no interest in actually exchanging ideas. No interest to facing the appalling damage they unleash.

Joe Cox wasn't murdered because the shutters have come down. She was murdered because they didn't. Because we tolerated fascism in our public spaces.

@OwlInASack Well OK but I'm sure you realise I was talking about our discussions here. I have a sense that people are grouping themselves into echo chambers. I'm sure that's quite natural but it does rule out any discussion, unless we class conversations are discussion. I was surprised, though, that you felt the reluctance to debate was a feature of the right. I always think of it as a feature of the SJW leftie.

@brentan well this board hosts plenty of people with materially fascist views Brentan

The term ‘Echo Chamber’ is also a favourite - and hugely ironic - slap from the hard right! Of course we are all educated in our views by those we chat to, and we chat to people who’s views aren’t too far from our own typically.

In late 2018 the issue seems to be that the people we might otherwise discuss with who don’t agree with us hold views which are dangerous to our existence and which harm minority groups in very real ways. And they give not one shit and just lie about those impacts.

And the right is happy to ‘debate’ but not in any meaningful way. So I’m very happy with the new fortitude in the left that says: nope. Not ‘debating’ you as it’s not in anyway meaningful and legitimises your hate.

@OwlInASack Well, we really are on opposite ideological sides. Anyway, I'm always happy to read and think about your posts.


Doesn't mean you have to quit the group though, right? I appreciate your posts - you should stay around...

OwlInASack Level 8 Nov 19, 2018