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Our candidates need a game plan to weaken or negate the "S word". This will become a uniting frightening, rallying point, for the reactionaries if it isn't "sold " the right way. I remember Bill Maher telling Bernie this during 2016.

Needs an image makeover !

jtnewman 4 Mar 1
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I have written about this before. A Socialist Democracy is not the same as Socialist Communism. Americans actually live in semi-socialist state now. The Federal Reserve Bank, Medicare, Medicaid, VA medical systems, education, the interstate highway systems, etc. are socialist ideas. This does not preclude a capitalistic economy to balance the needs of the people to remain “free.”

[The idea of Medicare for All (as opposed to universal healthcare) will not eliminate the health insurance industry, but change its focus to that of supplement providers as they are now. Their rule for paying claims is simple – If Medicare pays for a claim, the insurance company will pay their fair share.]

I believe that most conservatives are more afraid of the idea of redistribution of wealth. They believe that personal wealth is an indicator of that person’s religiosity (prosperity Christians). During the Eisenhower years, income tax peaked above 90 percent for the very rich. Most “average” Americans do not understand that the upper 0.1 percent just know how to hide their money better than the rest of us, so their actual tax rate could be as low as zero. Clinton raised taxes on the wealthy and our economy soared.

SageDave Level 7 Mar 3, 2019

I don't understand why it's so complicated. Which countries are the happiest, best educated, healthiest? Mainly Scandinavian countries. The USA is the only First World country without Universal MediCare. Conservatives pay more for a system which serves fewer people and screws the majority.
No country with Medicare s trying to get rid of it.


See the video by Richard Wolff. Socialism is now being considered worker co-ops not government ownership nor government planning. Although given the 6th extinction we are facing along with the climate catastrophe, some planning may be in order.

ToolGuy Level 8 Mar 2, 2019

Socialism means vastly different things to different people. We need to define exactly what we mean.

Bobby9 Level 8 Mar 2, 2019

Having your road maintained by the highway workers is Socialism. So is postal delivery, education, ....

@Wangobango3 Having government construct and maintain roads is not socialism, it is an accepted task of government. Obviously a private company would not build a public road. The same is true of postal service. Public education through high school, yes. Obviously Social Security is a social program as is medicare. However I was referring to services most people would disagree on such as "free" college, day care and more than I care to list. My only point was and is right wing politicians would have a much broader definition of Socialism than the left.


We need to drop the "socialism" concept all-together. We never called Social Security socialism...nor public schools. nor our military....but that's just what they are.

How about calling the health for all push Social Health security?
How about calling the push to get colleges for free the Social Higher Education Security?
How about calling our military "Social National Defense security"
How about calling our police "Social Protection and Enforcement Security"

Because everyone in America who carries a Social Security card is a card-carrying Socialist...

To the degree that it exists. When seeking office one must be able to define what one wants to do, not what has been done.

@AntieQ OK.


I've made this comment before, so stop me if you've heard this. We let Reagan demonize the word "liberal" and it really hurt the cause. You're damn right I'm liberal. And yes, I tend towards the social side of capitalism.

But now the USA lives in the Neoliberal Age of Austerity. Neoliberalism took over from liberal thinking just like neoconservatism took over from conservative thinking. They are corrupt forms of their previous incarnations. Neoliberalism refers to a not-new and not-liberal economic system. Remember what George Orwell said about the labels we use. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.


Don't negate it, explain it. Educate people.


Absolutely correct

bobwjr Level 9 Mar 1, 2019

We can refer to things by adding the word “socialist” everywhere. The socialist police. The socialist firefighters. The socialist highway. Like when someone asks you for directions, say, “Take the socialist highway 57 north. or “I trust the socialist boys in blue to protect my community. Challenge them to prove you wrong.

AmonRawr Level 4 Mar 1, 2019

I would start by telling people what the Green New Deal is about. Then remind people about the Republican tax plan, privatizing Social Security and Medicare, the shutdown, and hit them for demonizing us.


The Washington Post article talked about the red scare. McCarthyism was almost 70 years ago but the power of that activity from way back then and J. Edgar Hoover’s constant campaign has rippled through the years.

ToolGuy Level 8 Mar 1, 2019
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