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Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI):
US and China are account for almost half of world's military spending, Global spending on defense hit $1.82 trillion in 2018, up 2.6% on the previous year and the highest figure since 1988, the first year that reliable global data was available, according to the Swedish think tank.

This is while there are 40 thousands US military veterans are living on streets.

A Stockholm think tank said on Tuesday as it estimated 10 percent of this could cover the costs of global goals aiming to end poverty and hunger in 15 years.

NR92 6 Apr 30
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I agree. I am curious , who funds the never ending war in Afghanistan on the Taliban side?

Russia, Pakistan, Iran and China


I'm increasingly coming to believe that this planet is some sort of intergalactic insane asylum.

dan325 Level 7 Apr 30, 2019

That's what Mike Royko thought too. [chicagotribune.com]

@altschmerz I always loved Mike Royko, but I never saw that particular column before. Thanks for posting it (even if he did steal my idea).


Here's a bar graph that says pretty much the same thing...but it's almost unfair to combine the stats of China and the U.S. We are FAR ahead of China in military spending, bases, world wide, active duty troops, and suffering, neglected veterans.


Robecology Level 8 Apr 30, 2019

We spend nearly three times what China, with three times larger population, spends.

The per capita spending on military is ten times higher for the U.S. than any other nation.


Robecology Level 8 Apr 30, 2019

Tell that to Republican party whose financiers are defense industry

bobwjr Level 9 Apr 30, 2019

Homelessness among veteran's is a problem, but 40 million? That's over 10% of the US population.

Mitch07102 Level 7 Apr 30, 2019

It was typing mistake, it is edited now, (40,000)


The figures. Remember Pentagon can't account for $21 trillion so tac that on the US total......about $1 trillion/ year on average.


powder Level 8 Apr 30, 2019

Where did the figure 40 million US Army veterans living on the streets come from? It sounds very inaccurate. Additionally why does the Army only have homeless vets? Did the Navy, Air Force and Marines train their vets in how not to become homeless?

Bobby9 Level 8 Apr 30, 2019

I think those are both translation errors, of military veterans of all types there are 18-20 millions, of homeless a few years ago it was counted as 62 000 (2012) and falling, so even if we said 100 000 now that would seem reasonable

It was a typing mistake, it is edited now.

@Allamanda Big difference between 100,00 and 40 million, which I see has been corrected to 40,000.

@Noor92 if it is actually 40 000 homeless vets now then in 7 years it's come down from around 62 000, we must be doing something right (I'm amazed though)

@Looking4-Others if a third died in 7 years because of homelessness alone we'd have heard about it. There are new vets all the time, so the statistics don't work that way.

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