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What if the septenary nature of the human condition needed the 7 billion + of us for the experiment to finally work? It's hard to avoid some obvious conclusions about our species but we are a tenacious creature. We shouldn't have to use much more than eye contact and a shuffle or two between eachother to feel ashamed of ourselves. I mean, letting psychotic mass murderer's compete with each other for world domination because their logistical manipulations of planetary resources have some benefits... That's something special. And its something unique we can all basically sense as a bad idea...

Goremmegedon 3 July 27
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Obama joked to would be boys who might deflower his 2 daughters: "remember I have drones"....the other panel above is sort of a true portrait of DORIAN GRAY/doreen....a composite of all world leaders while the true believers say the Emperor has new clothes for the next election


Stretching my Roget Thesaurus to find what you really intend readers to understand...are you implying trickle down economics from criminal theocrats polluting our planet is some cosmic experiment ?

Most people are proud of their votes and loyalty to our murderous should take 60 million votes to elect @HowieHawkins20 seventeen months from now and just one million volunteers qualifying for Presidential matching funds get Howie on the ballot on all 50 states AND JUST IGNORE THE LIAR ASS zionist polluter oil war crime profiteering bankster blueREDS = redBLUES duopoly...they are both evil and won't let us have peace through green jobs @H'20


The thing is that it's a religious notion - you know, 7 for spiritual completeness and 10 for human completeness. We might as well believe in the Book of Revelation.

brentan Level 8 July 27, 2019

I don't think there's anything wrong with a religious notion as long as a religious organization hasn't weaponized it.

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