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I personally don’t think anyone comes close to Deviant Donnie. However, are these both corrupt? Nepotism? I’m really asking. Not rhetorical question

Rudy1962 9 Oct 9
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If taking a job you're unqualified for is corrupt, mostvof the management I've worked for over the last 30 years were corrupt. Her definition is inaccurate.

Frctnal Level 7 Oct 9, 2019

Hunter Biden has a law degree from an Ivy League school, he was more than qualified for the job. Ivanka has never had a real job in her life.

glennlab Level 9 Oct 9, 2019

She should know. She's nothing but a con artist like her father.😝


Being hired because of connections is a universal thing. Whether one does something illegal after getting hired is a different matter.

Sticks48 Level 9 Oct 9, 2019

Lol pot and kettle

bobwjr Level 9 Oct 9, 2019

Most politicians in the US are corrupt, Donnie Dump couldn't hide it, and other stuff is coming out. Good!

EdEarl Level 8 Oct 9, 2019

So another example of lies and confusion spread to the public.


Not just both... all are corrupt. Trump, Biden, Hunter Biden, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, McConnell, Pelosi. Washington is infested with corrupt people. Ivanka is just stupid and Daddy's Barbie doll with no brains of her own.

St-Sinner Level 8 Oct 9, 2019
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