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I’ve often wondered what would/should follow Capitalism. It definitely doesn’t work for all. Why does most the world’s wealth end up in the hands of so few? Social democracy? Regardless the system. Greed prevails and it has to be harnessed, I get that. A beneficial dictator? So risky and especially a moron, egomaniacal, narcissist. Any thoughts?

Bilbobagins 6 Nov 28
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The process is what is important.
Let's work for the elimination of economic injustice and imperialist war. In the course of the struggle to eliminate those evils, new forms of social and economic relationships will become apparent and develop.
For now, fight, don't speculate…

Krish55 Level 8 Nov 28, 2019

I can see how social and economic evolution can still move in different directions. Not likely in everyone’s interests.


Controlled capitalism is the answer. Not any version of socialism.

St-Sinner Level 9 Nov 28, 2019

The history of capitalism shows that the power of capital can only be controlled for short periods. Access to such gross economic power this has to be eliminated.

@Krish55 The history of anything in socialism across the world is worse than of capitalism. If we start knitpicking, everything has some bad to discuss, socialism has more.

@St-Sinner I get tired of hearing this. Some economies say they are socialist, but in reality, they are not even close. The Soviet Union was a dictatorship, and China is a dictatorship. The problem is that it takes people to get control of the economy and direct it so that the people (the citizens of the US, not all the rich, or the Cabinet of Trump) can control it. We, the US, is no longer a democracy; we are a capitalist Oligarchy. The people have lost their power to elect who they want to be President. Mot economic systems have inconsistencies and contradictions that need to be figured out and controlled so they can work for those who want to be served by them.

@dalefvictor I agree with you. I see Trump as leading an apathetic majority of Americans quickly away from (call it democracy) to (cleaning the swamp) giving the impression of honesty, straight shooting back to the basics government like days of old. Meanwhile your getting the royal road to an autocracy complete with its dictator. People will quickly see that they didn’t have it so bad. Just needed improving here and there. No throwing the baby out with the bath water and starting all over. That by the way is what I think should have been done with Obamacare.

They are different people, we are not them. We are different societies with different aspirations. You cannot have what your neighbor has in life either. Looking at others and wanting what they have needs to stop.

@ToolGuy The U.S. has been capitalistic for many decades. There was a similar outcry from the communists in the '60s. Has the U.S. not prospered, become the most powerful, the richest? No society can be perfect. We have more good than 180 countries in the world.

@St-Sinner It prospered by exploiting other countries and waging war when necessary to continue exploitation.

@Krish55 That is one view but not the only and it is negative.

@St-Sinner Well there are holocaust deniers also. So you are an imperialist denier…?

@Krish55 No. You don't look at the competitive picture. No one system is perfect in its entirety. Socialism has failed worldwide for a reason. We are not sound thinking, progressive societies like the North European Nordic countries. We will make a bigger mess.


capitalism has the inherent problem of not being able to find a state of equilibrium. It is either constantly expanding or it is feeding on its' infrastructure. That was Marx's conclusion ... but he had no remedy. capitalism MUST have new markets to exploit all the time in order to make profit to pay investors as dividends. when competition arrives and businesses are expected to survive on their efficiency they fail. they must have a competitive advantage or they flounder and are forced to use austerity measures for profit. this is how the workers begin to get screwed over. their benefits are cut and the very infrastructure that capitalism uses to make it a market is exploited - often by privatization for new markets until the same process happens. marx predicted ALL of this. karl not groucho.

the only solution we had found was a hybrid. capitalism lite. capitalism with regulations and schemes intermingled to protect individual concerns. this worked for a little while until business found that instead of shelling out money to meet those regs it could just buy politicians and not worry about regs. then it got even worse as a few of the uber-rich said "I'll buy politicians for EVERYBODY" and the supreme court allowed it under citizens united. the sovereign power that was supposed to rest in the people (who apportioned it out to pols) now is vested in money. this is how we got to the present situation. we MUST get money out of politics and go back to the hybrid if we expect to still say we are egalitarian.

JeffMesser Level 8 Nov 28, 2019

Interesting, lots there for me to brood over


The only benefit of a Dictator goes to his bank account and that if his cohorts..sound familiar?

Charlene Level 9 Nov 28, 2019

Democratic socialism maybe it's both with responsible capitalism

bobwjr Level 10 Nov 28, 2019

Yes I think that’s kind of what we have here in Canada. Seems more humane mind you our Consevatives would like to change that.

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