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What I believe:

Infoguy211 8 Jan 19
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And you can guarantee if socialism becomes the thing to be because idiots want to push it when capitalism has been around for well over three hundred and fifty years and functioning people bitching moan because they don't have other people's money that's because they are whiners babies complainers bitches get off your dead ass and work make something for yourself instead of taking other people's work away from them be a lot of them they succeeded on their own Merit

Drew69 Level 6 Feb 2, 2020

yeah thanks to hate Democrats can hate anyone that doesn't agree with them same with a lot of socialist people force their ideals on others socialism is not the way to go cuz every socialist country the government controls everything you do and everything you say and everything you eat that's why it's unconstitutional in the United States

Drew69 Level 6 Feb 2, 2020

LOL... it is a La..La land.

St-Sinner Level 8 Jan 22, 2020

That's the America I wish we had. Unfortunately, it's not the one we have.

dan325 Level 7 Jan 20, 2020




bobwjr Level 9 Jan 19, 2020

In my America too!

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