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"Robert Reich: The real State of the Union.
I wasn’t going to comment on Trump’s lie-filled State of the Union message but the whoppers were so big – especially on the economy – that I feel compelled. Here, for the record, is the real state of the union:" [Eight lies about the economy and more are elucidated here.]
Question: Which other Trump lies have you noticed recently, if you don't mind a rhetorical question?

AnonySchmoose 8 Feb 7
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Too many to take notice.


You know he's lying when his lips moving

bobwjr Level 9 Feb 7, 2020

I start with the assumption that whenever he's speaking, he's lying. Ditto, of course, for whenever he's tweeting. In summary, I assume he's lying whenever he communicates in any way.

dan325 Level 7 Feb 7, 2020

What other lies? Everytime he opens that sewer in his face he spouts lies, I can't even watch him anymore.

glennlab Level 9 Feb 7, 2020

I don't watch him either, because everything about him is so corrupt, and depressing to watch.

@AnonySchmoose He has accomplished something no other right wing politician could, he took a news and political junkie and made me a channel changer anytime he comes on. Nixon couldn't, Reagan couldn't, Rick Perry, George Bush, and Ted Cruz couldn't, but he is so dispicable that I can't stomach him.

The other two people in my household switch off the sound when he appears.

My mute button is getting worn out! I wish the media would stop covering him so much.😳

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