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Don't be the dude asking the question!

glennlab 9 Mar 21
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I thought that this group was for socialists

progressives and socialists


This is really very sad. All of the hype of the Bernie rallies and they can’t get to the polls?!? Probably better this way because Bernie is neither the most progressive or the most effective senator we had as choices.

I'm curious who you thought was more progressive of the candidates?

According to their voting records, Warren, Harris and Gillibrand.

@Killtheskyfairy I disagree with those other names. Bernie is way more progressive than them on policies.

@TomMcGiverin How do you disagree with voting records? Bernie has no party affiliation to contend with or much pushback from his constituents in the tiny state of Vermont. What keeps him from #1 spot?

sorry you just wrong Beerni always believed that health care and higher education should be free

@ChrisCampbell yeah, so did FDR, LBJ, and many other Democrats. What’s your point? How’s Bernie getting it done when he’s not a Democrat and he keeps insulting the party and saying it’s rigged against him? He can’t get his bros to the polls, how is he getting bills passed in Congress?

@Killtheskyfairy he did not come last to the right believes like all the others he is a leading on these things and he passed more amendments than anyone in the congress that is why he is calls the amazement king .you need to do more research on Bernie



Says he’s the lowest on the leadership scale so I guess you are wrong?

@Killtheskyfairy look up his apartments and voting history


I Voted for Sanders, but I know a Dozen Dumbasses Just Like This . Change happens, Sadly, So Slowly in AMERICA .

GEGR Level 7 Mar 22, 2020

Exactly. We may not get who we want, but the most important thing is to vote out the orange turd. Any other non votes or votes for other candidates is not being pragmatic in a two party system. And yes, that sucks, but if tRump wins again all the gains made over the years will be lost. We still haven't gotten back from Reagan and Bush.

i live in Massachusetts so if joe pick amy as his vp I will write in Bernie and join the green party

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